What Difference Does It Make

I know it’s been almost a year.  Get over it!

The days I was writing seemed to get the same amount of visits as those I didn’t!  What makes this one different? Well nothing, other than the fact that I’m a different person for better or worse.  I see the world as a different place too.

How is it that we, as a nation, enjoy such greatness while at the same time are loathed by almost every other government the world over?  Is it because we really just don’t give a damn what other people think about us.  I mean think about it, we (meaning our government) will wipe you and yours from the face of the earth with a single stroke of a pen or, God forbid, the all-encompassing “executive order”.  And for what….. oil? the fake war on drugs? knowing something you shouldn’t? revealing something you shouldn’t? being affiliated with a terror group like the TEA Party? or maybe even being a Christian because, without getting into many details, God knows you are a target around the entire world if you happen to be Christian.

No it’s none of these things!  I think it’s pretty simple actually…..

It’s jealousy!  I know that doesn’t seem to be a very academic answer but why else would there be such disdain for something so phenomenal.  We are the last remaining refuge from the storm.  Even with all our own turmoil, people still flock to the United States legally and illegally to partake in the greatest experiment on earth seconded only by Christianity itself.  That experiment is called FREEDOM!  The freedom to govern yourself and be left alone to prosper as you see fit within your own circumstances.  You can be whatever you want in life.  You can have anything you want OR NOT.  Either way, it’s up to you.  Private property, for the time being, is still perused and granted to satisfy that ever yearning desire to pluck just a morsel of this great nation from the masses and call it MINE!    There are too many pros to count in one article short enough to keep people’s attention so I’ll quit while I’m ahead but what other country in the world are people doing anything and everything to get into…….NONE by choice.  Our free market system, our freedom from government oppression (which is quickly becoming past tense) and the overwhelming desire to follow a higher consciousness of our choosing drives us to innovate and prosper to be the greatest nation God has allowed to exist.

Other countries, or at least most other countries, have allowed kings, queens, religious fanatics or some other form of dictators to rule over them with the ever oppressive boot to the neck or worse.  We get to choose our governing class <– I hate that word when it refers to people—- instead of blood line or the gun being the deciding factor in who gets to make up what we call government.  Simple as I can put it they are jealous of what and who we are as a nation.

I refuse to disavow the fact that being an American citizen is a special thing.

Now I can get to what the title refers to…… What Difference Does It Make.

I know it’s a Clinton thing, to use that phrase, but it’s all so important right now.  Does it make a difference to be proud of people who keep us safe while at the same time disliking the people who tell them who to take over.  I think it makes a big difference how about you?

Does it matter to you that our lives are being rationed away as fast as our freedoms by simply allowing the governments, local, state and federal, to regulate every aspect of our lives? I do mean every aspect!

We worry about poor Phil Robertson on TV for being ousted by the network while at the same time continue to vote for people who voted for a bill that would allow you to be detained indefinitely without charge.  Freedom of speech and, in turn, opinion is awesome to protect but so are the other freedoms we like to call our own.

Does it matter the our own supreme court justice goes to another newly formed country and tells them, while helping them write their own constitution, that our U.S. constitution is hot a really good model to follow when writing a new one?

Does any of this matter if we are still willing to just be OK with the NSA implementing every spy network and instrument in the world to spy on its own citizens not to mention the rest of the world?

It’s time to raise awareness and make a difference in people’s lives.  Even if it is just to spread the word of Freedom instead of oppression.  I think we’ve been at war so long that people who are fighting it….may not even remember why they are there in the first place and that’s what’s so different to me about the world.  We are allowing these things to happen and at a much faster pace.

Can we find ethical men and women to govern us and still uphold the original intent of generations past….I’m not sure but……

It’s time!

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Executive Orders Dictator In Chief


For some reason people are actually talking about the notion of our weapons being taken from us as a reality.  What has happened to society as a whole in this country for this to even become a valid discussion?

We as Americans used to deal with problems in head on. In the past we have taken things like, oh I don’t know, electricity and transformed it from something to be terrified of into a very useful, some would say can’t do without, invention to better our every day lives.  We have invented and built a country that is the envy of the entire world.  Like it or not we are THE world leader in just about every imaginable aspect of life.  We used to make things happen in the private sector.  We didn’t depend on the government leviathan to provide our every need much less our wants.

NOW, on the other hand, the government has their hands in every aspect of our lives and we do next to nothing to prevent it.  We keep letting them into our schools, hospitals, homes, food, fuel and as of right now I can’t think of anything the leviathan doesn’t have at least a finger on when it comes to our daily lives.  AND IT’S OUR FAULT!

You want better healthcare………so what do you do?  You let the government get involved to “solve the problem”.  We let the Supreme Court legislate from the bench and DO NOTHING!  Congress DID NOTHING!  Believe me that the free market would solve that issue quickly.

You want clean air and water so you let them create the EPA.  We already have Departments of Environmental Quality in most states so why do we need the feds involved?  I won’t even get into the whole light bulb thing.  Once again I could make a free market argument for that also.

You want everyone to own a home so you let the feds make policy forcing banks to lend to people who can’t even balance a tetter-totter much less a bank account.  Again we said nothing until the bubble burst.

You want to feed EVERYONE, even around the world, so we pay to feed the whole world while we have people starving here in our own towns.  Of course they are taking away deductions for people who give to charities and  those donations have pretty much dwindled down to near zero as of late. Go figure!

You don’t want the feds to tell you what to eat or who to sleep with but you do expect the government to take good care of you after you get AIDS or are dying of heart failure because of your diet.

You don’t want the CEO’s of companies to make a lot of money but you want top pay and healthcare paid in full and wonder why the company is going bankrupt.  Don’t even get me started about the constraints unions put on businesses!

You don’t like the way people worship so you let the government take all of it out of our schools and even out of the public sector altogether.  You don’t like Ole’ Glory so you don’t teach the Constitution in ANY school in the right way.

Look, I’m not much into dirty water, healthcare or food either but like in all things…..more government is NOT the answer.

Some people are evil.  That’s just the way it is! Look at the radical Islamists…..i.e. terrorists, they don’t mind even killing their own people just to make a point much less doing their best to kill as many of us as they can.  You can’t solve either with larger overreaching governments.

Hollywood makes billions on promoting the violence in society while at the same time chumming up with the left on Capitol Hill to legislate everything from gay marriage to guns.  That in itself is not just hypocritical but, I say, EVIL.

Sex and violence sells because we as a society we are moving farther away from what’s right and more into what feels good in the moment.  BUT we can’t infringe on the film makers or game producers’ 1st amendment rights.  SO why do we feel that the President has the right to infringe on our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms?

Everything else is ok but DON’T YOU DARE TAKE MY FIREARMS!

Think about it………..NOW even your doctor has an obligation to report you if you mention you have guns in your home.  So much for patient rights huh!

So lets just keep worrying about Lance Armstrong and who da baby daddy is or watch you some more Honey Boo Boo and forget all about the rest of it.  These are not the droids you are looking for.

Yup, the President signed a bunch of worthless orders today to let you know he’s the dictator in chief and you can’t do anything about it.  Why would Obama think any different…..You haven’t stopped him yet!

Any society that would give up a Liberty to gain security will deserve neither and lose both.

Tell me what you think.

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Second Amendment Question

Would someone please answer a simple question I have about this hot topic.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Now I’m not even going to debate why this was added because I would be preaching to the choir.  Here’s my question!

If the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED really means SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED….does that not mean all state (with a little “s”) laws infringing on said right are UNCONSTITUTIONAL?


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YourDaddy's Politics

And the right to travel freely as an American ends

UPDATED: December 28 2012

WASHINGTON— On December 20, 2012, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) determined that thirteen states have met the standards of the REAL ID Act of 2005 (“Act”) for driver’s licenses and identification cards and has granted a temporary deferment for all other states and territories.

…….Beginning January 15, 2013, those states not found to meet the standards will receive a temporary deferment that will allow Federal agencies to continue to accept their licenses and identification cards for boarding commercial aircraft and other official purposes.  Source: http://www.dhs.gov/news/2012/12/20/dhs-determines-13-states-meet-real-id-standards


Louisiana residents who never travel out of the country don’t have much use for a passport, but that will soon change early next year.

Beginning  January 15th, Louisiana will join 26 other states [update: 7 states as of Dec 7th 2012]

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The Thief In The Night


I know, I know……not another “Feds taking our money” post from a non-relevant blogger.  I’m not sorry.

I would bet that 90% of Americans don’t even know what a fiscal cliff is much less what the answers are as how to get through it.  It will happen so I’m not even questioning that fact.  If not now, we will fall off shortly but not with the same definition the main stream media is pushing into our ear canals.

It’s human nature to either shove your head in the sand up to your bunghole or just blame “the other guy” for what’s happening in our lives.  In saying that, I think the whole “CLIFF” thing is a bunch of BS!  We’ve been on this slippery slope for many years and the only thing the morons we have elected into office can do is play kick the can.  If you see a can of beans on the shelf at the local grocer that is crushed in any way, do you buy it?  Hell no you don’t buy it……”it could kill you” right?  SOOOOOOOO why would you buy the truckloads of  cans full of BS the powers that be want you to believe?

The military will be cut whether you like it or not.  We don’t get to fight our enemy anymore.  We just throw a few punches and President Asshat apologizes and promises we’ll rebuild what we just broke. Oh, and we’ll pay for it too!  We’re rebuilding Mosques as I type all over the middle east.  All in the name of diplomacy I’m sure!

The taxes will rise on the rich!  You know, those people who make the world go around and provide you and I with employment.  What do you think will happen when the share holders start to see their dividends plummet?  That’s right…..they’ll make products cheaper with substandard materials, raise the prices to make up for the loss, start firing people or even go so far as to close down altogether before their monies are completely gone!  Where will you be without a J.O.B.?

The price of energy “will necessarily skyrocket”-President Asshat  The E.P.A. and all the other unconstitutional departments of the Federal government have already re-appropriated private land so that it is “unsustainable” to drill, dig, or even walk on by humans.  We’ve already shut down almost half of the coal mines in the nation and the whole “green energy” scam is being debunked every day as well as the subsidized companies that promote and build all those panels and windmills.  So I guess we’ll all be taking our turn on the treadmill generators.  Don’t laugh, it’s probably being studied.

These things are not some nightmare deep within our subconscious.  These horrible dreams have been coming into reality for a long time now and there is NOWHERE ON EARTH TO RUN!

It’s fact that the progressives have weaseled their way into not only the local governments but even into the most powerful political leadership position in the free world.  The Democrats have done it through identity politics and the Republicants have done it through empty promises and lack of leadership.

The Republicants have been quickly running true conservatives out of their committee positions and would send them packing for good if it meant the Rino progressives like Boehner, McCain  or Snow would get their way with the GOP.  The Democommunists are vilifying the Republicants at every turn to make sure the blame game continues while hoping for the worst case scenario so they can grab even more power through oppression of the hungry masses.  The progressives in BOTH parties even pick and choose whom to feed or house through even more identity politics…………and apparently it’s working!

While all these things are even advertised with our stolen property called taxes on “come get your welfare” billboards in open view to the masses, the majority of the nation still fell for it. AGAIN!   SHOCKING HUH?

The levying of taxes has to be voted on first by the House right?  So why is the spineless progressive Speaker of the House Beohner the Blowfish even talking about raising taxes on anyone at all?  There is only one answer to sway the blame game back the other direction.  Propose and pass a budget in the house that levies NO NEW TAXES on ANYONE and cuts spending across the board………………..AND GO HOME!

That’s right I said SCREW THE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED SENATE!  Let them try to  explain to the people, who are about to be in a world of hurt anyway because of our past transgressions our constitution, why cutting taxes and spending is a bad idea.

Now I know that the founders gave power to congress of taxing the people but they didn’t say “here’s a blank check” as to how to spend said taxes!  There are enumerated powers.  I know that’s not taught anymore but it’s still true.  THAT’S IT…..just 18 little powers expect the federal government to handle.  If it doesn’t fall into those few categories…….IT SHOULD NOT BE!

These are simple concepts that we as fathers, mothers and ultimately tax payers have to deal with on a daily basis.  If you can’t understand these ideals…..you should not be a babies momma or daddy!

Educate the people in the ways of both the ONE true God and a true constitutional republic and hope for real change!

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Liberty and Innovation

“Liberty is the great parent of science and of virtue; and a nation will be great in both in proportion as it is free.”- Thomas Jefferson

I finally got inspired by a true American innovation story that has almost no equals.  I was listening, for the first time I might add, to the Mike Slater Show on satellite radio.  While I’m not normally one to get all teared up, this interview was so eye-opening that I think some sawdust may have flown in mine…..both of them.

PLEASE DO NOT PASS UP THIS AUDIO…….once you get past the advertising and get into the meat of it…….you’ll be as inspired as I am still.

http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fftpcontent.worldnow.com%2Fkfmbam%2Fpodcast%2Faudio%2Fthe_mike_slater_show_7782.mp3&h=0AQHG02r1    or


Now if you listened to that at all, you have to agree that this is the quintessential American success story.  Work hard, find something to improve on, work hard, invent something, work hard!!!! GET THE POINT?

You WILL fail! Get over yourself, Adapt and overcome.  Now here’s the rant part!

Anthony Maglica  (Founder of Maglite*) made no excuses and did not hold back what he feels his greatest opponent has been in the struggle to stay in business through the years.  The GOVERNMENT is “stupid” and most of us know it and still don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say it.  You can’t even talk about it at work for fear of being ostracized or even worse fired.  The owners of the businesses feel the same way you do and still have to bow down to unions and the leviathan of government themselves or be hounded by the IRS or the all-encompassing EPA or DOJ!  (PUKE I’m watching/listening Charlie Roses’ interview with the Obamas…..ya think she’s figured out he’s gay yet?)

There is real hope still visible on the horizon.  Millions of patriots are out there fighting for what few liberties we have left and even slowly gaining ground to regain some freedoms.  Both on the local and federal levels, men and women are opening their eyes, hearts and even their wallets to support the movement to take our country back from the abyss.

Government is ruining the fossil fuel industry. Government has trampled on all manufacturing in this country and ran almost any other business out of the country with taxes.  The small business owner is afraid to invest at all for fear of more regulations that could drive them bankrupt.  THIS MUST STOP and anyone with an ounce of sanity knows that the only way to do it is for virtuous men/women to stand up, open their mouths to educate the masses as to what truly makes the United States of America the greatest nation on earth!  This story being told could help do just that.

If we tell the truth……it can’t be debunked, proven false, or viably called racist…….it’s pretty simple to understand really!

Stay the course……….knock your gold teeth out to feed your babies……..don’t be the slave of the government the progressives want you to be.  Run for office…..if it’s for the right reasons ( even if you don’t win) it’s worth every sacrifice.  Support the candidates in every way you can.  They need it and deserve it for standing up against all odds and intimidation.  The left is more organized than we ever imagined and funded by worldwide, power-hungry spooky dudes who could care less about the useful idiots that serve them much less you as a conservative American citizen.  What makes you think we can’t do the same for the right reason…….TO SAVE THIS REPUBLIC!

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Where Should I Begin?

I honestly don’t know where to start tonight!  There has been so much chaos since I last posted that it’s hard to contemplate where to begin.

I guess I’ll start with a short rant!  I think the left, especially in this “administration” must truly believe that we as a “People” are completely oblivious to what the progressives are doing to this country.  How else do you explain what is going on in politics today?  How did we get to the point where the judicial system can legislate as to what “is” and what “is not” a TAX?

Would someone please tell me where in the Constitution the Supreme Court has interpretive power of said Constitution?  I’ll tell you now that it does not have that power.  However, for some reason, now the Supreme Court in the land even has the power to legislate!  The framers are currently turning over in their graves.  We have been lied to so many times by this administration that I personally believe that the whole lot should be imprisoned.  I don’t know how one would think that’s going to happen when we can’t even prosecute known terrorists that have killed thousands of our countrymen.  HOW CAN YOU STILL STAND FOR THESE KINDS OF TRAITOROUS ACTS?

Let’s list just a few of the atrocities this administration has forced down our proverbial throats whether or not it’s constitutional.

  1. We’ll start with Barrack Husain Obama’s key legistation…..OBAMASCARE.  First of all…..It’s not constitutional to tell a business how it’s going to run its own business much less tell an individual that he/she should be penalized for “inactivity”.  That’s right, for the first time in history, you as a “citizen” are being forced to buy a service just because.  NO REASON……JUST BECAUSE!  They can say what they want about “everyone will need health insurance eventually” but what about people who are well off enough to just pay as they go?  They are being TAXED for inactivity!  This alone should have you o.k. with firing the morons that voted for this monstrosity. Did I mention the death panels or forcing all of us to pay for the Muslims and Unions that are exempt from the TAX to begin with.  I make sure and call it a TAX simply because it’ll be the IRS that collects the “penalty fees” if you don’t purchase “qualifying” insurance.  p.s. There really are death panels no matter what name you want to call them…………………NEXT
  2. CAP AND TAX= WORLD REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH  This idea has been around for quite some time but never had near as much traction as it does now.  Somehow they think that if they “TAX” all the wealthier nations on the amount of CO2 and other green house gases they produce the rest of the world will be magically productive themselves.  How many years have we been funding and feeding the world to no avail?  We even pay countries to kill us……i.e.  Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, China, Korea, Russia…..do I really need to keep naming all the countries that hate us just because we got it right for a couple hundred years.  Aint jealousy a bitch!
  3. Immigration is a touchy subject for just about anyone you talk to for a very simple reason.  PITY!  We feel sorry for people because their country sucks so horribly that they have to come here to be able to have a better life.  While I do have a heart, I still have to follow the law so why is it o.k. for others not to?  I also feel just a little responsibility to my fellow countrymen.  WE CAN’T AFFORD ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for a number of reasons too extensive to list here.  We can’t afford LEGAL immigration either.  TWO THIRDS of the students in medical schools are NOT American citizens.  Not racist….just the truth!  Now that the federal government is in the student loan business……when the illegal aliens are done with their degrees and move back to their own countries to practice and can’t afford to pay back the student loans….guess who gets to flip that bill??????????  Do I even need to mention the healthcare issues on the recipient end?  We, as Americans,  OWE anyone who is breaking the law to get into this country EVEN LESS than we do our own citizens who break other laws.  Why does the head of the justice department find it ok to threaten Texas against its own voter i.d. laws at a conference for La Rasa and the NAACP?  And you call me a racist……
  4. Allowing the United Nations to dictate what does and what does not happen in these sovereign United States is simply beyond belief.  Global Tax should NEVER even cross the mind of a true American much less come out of their mouths as a “great idea”.  Signing onto a United Nations enforced small arms treaty in itself should send chills up you spine. I really need to post more often.
  5. Sending the official counting of the American votes across the pond should never be a decision a sitting President should be allowed to do.
  6. FAST AND FURIOUS ……….When did we get into the gun running business anyway?  I mean we can’t even run a post office what makes you think we can efficiently keep up with a few thousand assault rifles?  Oh yeah…..could we dishonor our fallen law enforcement officers any more than this injustice?
  7. Black Panthers
  8. Accorn…….REMEMBER THAT B.S.?
  9. Arizona!  So much for sovereignty huh!
  11. JOBS or the lack there of!  The federal government CAN NOT create jobs except through getting the hell out of the way and let the free market work it out.
  12. EPA
  13. NEA
  14. FCC
  15. Consorting with known dictators.
  17. EGYPT
  18. SYRIA
  19. IRAN
  20. IRAQ has now allied with IRAN BTW!

Well there is 20 for ya!  Would someone please tell me anything this administration has done for the GOOD of the Nation?  Nothing but destruction and they are still in business……WHY?


How, in ANYONES mind, can we survive another round with these traitors in charge?

I’m tired of hearing about this policy versus that policy.  The only “policy” I want to hear about is the one where the Federal Government stops making policy and starts abolishing them to get out of our way.

If you are or anyone you know is not registered to vote…….MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Drive them yourself if you have to……the left is coming by the bus convoy load!

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Experience in Politics? Is That a Good Thing?

Hello everyone.  I am new to Spread Eagle Patriot, so I will give a quick background on this article.  I recently decided to run for District 3 County Commissioner in St. Clair County, Michigan.  This article is part a a series of articles I will be writing on that experience…since it is my first experience running for office.  To see the first article in the series, which I refer to in this article, go to www.thebitteramericans.com.  Thanks everyone!  I very excited to be sharing my work here on Spread Eagle Patriot!

There is one thing that has always held me up when I’ve considered running for office.  I don’t tip toe my way into anything.  If I make a decision, I jump in head first and dedicate myself to succeeding.  When it comes to politics, I worry about my lack of experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I can do this job as county commissioner.  It’s not being able to execute that worries me.  It’s the constant worrying about being asked questions I can’t answer, especially in my simplified view of politics.

My most recent article addressing running for county commissioner was titled “Look Deeper.”  In that article I discussed what I look for in a candidate.  I prefer to look much deeper into what a candidate stands for.  Go ahead, ask them all the questions you want about current issues, but I would rather know what kind of person they are with their family, at their workplace, and especially in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  If I can see a strong foundation, determination, and a track record of success in other endeavors, I don’t need to get caught up in how well they speak ‘politics.’

Let me quickly take a step back and explain my “simplified view of politics.”  I personally believe our forefathers intended a simple government.  They wanted the average working man to be able to provide a public service through running for office.  Instead, we have come to a point today where many politicians make a career of it.  They speak a different language and have made things so complicated and tedious, people like myself have doubts when it comes to running for office.

I know I can balance a budget.  I can determine what core rights the framers of our constitution intended the government to protect and what services government should provide for the people.  What I can’t do is sit back and watch how most governments operate today without getting a headache.

The fact many bills and budgets can be in the four digit range in pages tells me government has gotten out of control somewhere along the line.  The average person can’t sit at a city council meeting without wondering at some point what is going on.  My feeling is, if I don’t have the time or patience to read a bill and I can’t quickly look at a budget I’ve never seen before and understand it, it’s probably because it contains a ton of information a government should have nothing to do with.

Having said that, it is the reality of government today.

I will outwork the incumbents and other candidates to assure I can serve my county as best as possible, but I don’t have any experience in government.

Is that a bad thing?  I tend to think it’s a bonus when looking at a candidate, but I know how it will be viewed if I get cornered at an event or interview on some obscure or overly detailed topic.

I know what my goals are for my time as a commissioner.  They are simple, and I hope the voters can appreciate that.  I want to be accountable and easily accessible to the people of my district.  After all, they are my employers.  I don’t have much interest in meeting behind closed doors with the other commissioners to make decisions.  If you can’t make the decision on your own, with the people you represent in mind, you shouldn’t be sitting on the board of commissioners.  Responsibility with the voters money is also a key.  The people deserve a lean, yet efficient government that provides the necessary services, but otherwise steps out of the way.

Will those answers satisfy the voters?  I hope so, but I fully expect to hear about my lack of ‘experience’ during this process.  Personally, I am pretty comfortable with that lack of experience if it is due to the fact most government is tied up in things they should have no involvement in.

Let me share one last story to explain this viewpoint.  Last Friday I spent the day getting my paperwork filed with the county clerk.  The application to run wasn’t bad, but the paperwork to organize my election committee was hardly recognizable as English.  Take a few minutes to go to your Secretary of State’s website and read the campaign finance rules.  By the end of the day Friday, I had made 3 trips and 2 phone calls to the clerks office, 1 trip to an accountant, 2 trips to the IRS’s website, 1 trip to the bank, 2 phone calls to people who have run in the past, and held several other conversations with people I thought might know how to file the paperwork.  After all of that, I will be working on this again this Friday because I wasn’t able to complete everything I needed to.  On top of that, the rules on reporting campaign finances are so boring and complicated, I can hardly get past the first paragraph.

It’s obvious to me, the government, at all levels, is set up to make it difficult for outsiders.  I’m comfortable being an outsider, but I have never been comfortable not being the best I can possibly be at something.  I have a dilemma because I have no interest in being the best in meaningless paperwork and overcomplicated procedures, but someone also has to put in the work to change those things.

I will close with a segment of a very short Winston Churchill speech.

‘Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.

I may not have the answer to every question, but I refuse to give in.  I don’t know all the ins and outs, but I do know I can outwork everyone else to represent the voters to the best of my ability.

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Tanks In The Streets

IT IS HAPPENING HERECan you imagine?  I mean we see it all over the world.  North Korea, China, Iran and pretty much anywhere else in the world the government wants to suppress freedom.

NOW we get to see it in St. Louis!  That’s right folks, right in the middle of good ole’ USofA!  The “A” very well might stand for anarchy here pretty soon.

Thanks a lot all  you Occupy idiots for making the police so proud of their fellow citizen that they are calling in the National Guard.  Who ever said that it “can’t happen in America” has a lot to learn.  I do have a question for all you guardsmen and active military personel…….what will you do when told to fire on or simply run over your fellow Americans.  BUT I digress because that is not the reason for my post.

Take a look at this video in another window or tab and get back to me when done.  Tanks in the streets

To me, it’s not only about the tanks or soldiers in the streets.  We’ve all known it could happen for quite some time.  When you destroy property and hurt other people to “prove a point” it always seems to backfire on you don’t it occupy.  For me it’s the “it’s all good” attitude of the people who they interview for the story.

They seem to be OK with the military rolling through the streets to take over.  Some of them even said it would be great to fight crime with the military rather than the police.  SERIOUSLY……. These people need a reality check.  Do you even think they know what martial law is?  Doubt it.  It amazes me that we have dumbed down the people so much that this is even an option.

What do you think?  Tyranny is here ladies and gentlemen!

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Do You Remember When 90 Degrees Was A Nice Summer Day?

By Shane

See more or Shane’s work at http://www.thebitteramericans.com/

I would like to thank Shane for not only asking me to contribute to his site at TBA but also for agreeing to do the same here at Spreadeagle Patriot.  We’ve spoken at length about what we are both trying to accomplish without sites and I could not be more honored to have such a great individual taking part in this great endeavour.  All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent…….WE WILL NOT REMAIN SILENT!  Welcome Shane.

I’ll keep this rant short and sweet….

I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life.  I have never, in my 29 years, lived more than 5 miles from one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world.  When I was a kid, we called 90 degree days, summer.  We don’t get too many of them here in Michigan and we would enjoy every minute.

Fast forward to 2012.  Al Gore’s lies and scare tactics have clearly taken their toll on our nation.  I woke up this morning to warnings on the radio.  “TAKE CAUTION!  IT MIGHT HIT 90 DEGREES TODAY!”  We were warned of the health risks that come with the temperature, told not to gas up our cars, and to not mow the lawn.  And the worst part is, people seem to buy into the scare tactics.  You can’t talk to anyone on a day like today without talking about how hot it is.

Take a look at the weather records…or just listen to the talking heads on the radio or television contradict themselves.  In one breath they talk about record breaking heat, only to point out 10 seconds later that it’s the highest temperature for this day since 1998.  That’s not a record!  Do you think people 10, 20, or 100 years ago spent their entire day talking about records.

We are being inundated with ‘climate change’ scare tactics every day, and people are starting to believe.  I’m willing to bet, in 1995 when it hit 90 in Michigan, you thanked God summer had finally arrived.  You probably jumped in the car or got on your bike and went to the lake.

Now I can’t go a day without hearing about how it hasn’t rained, the lake levels are low, and how hot it is.

Be careful people.  As this becomes more and more talked about and a bigger part of our lives, those suggestions of not filling your gas tank will turn into requirements.  Environmentalists are just one of the many groups of foot soldiers for the Liberals in their effort to bring total government control to our lives.

Take note.  I bet this winter the same people talking about the heat will be talking about how unusually cold it is.  The same people complaining about the lack of rain this year will whine about how rainy it is next year.  Don’t fall into the trap.

Complain all you want, I’m going to enjoy the weather….and even though I have 3/4 of a tank of gas, I might wait until the hottest part of the day tomorrow and top it off just for kicks!  I will note, it is a good excuse to not mow the lawn!  I hope the lack of rain and excessive heat kill the grass so I don’t have to mow again this year!

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