Tanks In The Streets

IT IS HAPPENING HERECan you imagine?  I mean we see it all over the world.  North Korea, China, Iran and pretty much anywhere else in the world the government wants to suppress freedom.

NOW we get to see it in St. Louis!  That’s right folks, right in the middle of good ole’ USofA!  The “A” very well might stand for anarchy here pretty soon.

Thanks a lot all  you Occupy idiots for making the police so proud of their fellow citizen that they are calling in the National Guard.  Who ever said that it “can’t happen in America” has a lot to learn.  I do have a question for all you guardsmen and active military personel…….what will you do when told to fire on or simply run over your fellow Americans.  BUT I digress because that is not the reason for my post.

Take a look at this video in another window or tab and get back to me when done.  Tanks in the streets

To me, it’s not only about the tanks or soldiers in the streets.  We’ve all known it could happen for quite some time.  When you destroy property and hurt other people to “prove a point” it always seems to backfire on you don’t it occupy.  For me it’s the “it’s all good” attitude of the people who they interview for the story.

They seem to be OK with the military rolling through the streets to take over.  Some of them even said it would be great to fight crime with the military rather than the police.  SERIOUSLY……. These people need a reality check.  Do you even think they know what martial law is?  Doubt it.  It amazes me that we have dumbed down the people so much that this is even an option.

What do you think?  Tyranny is here ladies and gentlemen!

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10 Responses to Tanks In The Streets

  1. Leticia says:

    It’s time for true Americans to wake up and realize if we don’t start fighting for our freedom we are going to lose it completely.

    This should concern us all. I don’t trust Obama or his administration and this seems a bit like seeing a communist society.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • NOW what do you do about it when you have a government willing to step on anyone that gets in it’s way? Do we wait till they show up at the door to send us to the camps?

    • We’ve let them do this to us. We let them legislate things that we like so why shouldn’t they legilate it all right? I’ll post on this later. We don’t mind letting them “give” us welfare or food stamps but don’t think they can come take it away whenever they want…..AND much more…..
      Don’t be afraid…..BE READY!

  2. We're not rolling over says:

    The Army base’s PAO should’ve been available to answer these questions. As a prior military member we train in the environments we plan on operating in. The collapse and round up isn’t far off. The TSA’s do not fly list in the summer of 2011 was about 400,000 people. Many of which are probably patriotic American citizens, who like myself will not roll over when are once great nation tries taking what little liberties we have left.

  3. Ever since the revoke of the Posse Comitatus Act the shizzle has hit the fan! This is why origination like Oath Keepers are so important on educating our military on what they can and can’t legally do according to the Constitution. But, I am afraid that it is going to get UGLY out there in the streets!

    • When Oath Keepers and the like come up with billions of dollars to keep up with Soros, the Ford Foundation, the Gates Foundation and inumerous other multi billionaire funded left we’ll have a little power. Not much…..but a little.

    • Oh and as far as the troops go……they’ll do what they are told by their commanders or get shot on the spot. That’ll pretty much pull the rest in line with the Communist in Chief.

  4. Bill of Rights-
    Like your site-
    as to education- if you do have children – I highly recommend Home schooling-
    as to the Oath Keepers- they have been on my roll for a long time-
    I do believe our BEST are waking up too–
    and many will not be ‘sheep’-
    I could go on about Christianity being removed from our Academies and et al – but- I believe the more it happens – the more our BEST will become aware-

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