Emporer In Chief

Lately I have had a terrible time staying focused on much of anything so please forgive me if I rant a little.  Well actually, I’ll probably rant A LOT!

The other day, while flipping the channels, I came across a show where the man was treating his lady to a wardrobe update.  While this is actually something most husbands would love to do for their wives that is not the point of this post.

During the session the wife was trying on tiara’s.  YEP, as in highly decorative head-piece meant to symbolize royalty or something special like Miss America.  I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THIS EITHER.  You ladies are special and should be made to feel that way often.  What really grabbed me is what was being said while the headpieces were being swapped one for another. They started talking about how it made her feel like royalty.  THEN THE WHOPPER……. She said she felt guilty for wearing it because she only thinks of Michelle Obama as being of royal status.  Even though this particular couple was black I’m betting that this mentality has spread over all races in the libtard world.  So it’s not about race.

This is about education, or the lack there of.  We spent billions on our public school system and this kind of attitude is all we get for it.  REALLY?  We the People that do pay taxes have learned to expect less and less from the system in the form of actual education.  Our kids are learning more about what not to eat rather than the 3 R’s.  SAVE THE EARTH—-BUT DON’T SPEAK ABOUT RELIGION.

Beyond popular belief……an education is NOT a right!  Even if you do believe it to be a right, that still should not force others to pay for it on the federal level.  SO why are we running the college loan business?  I digress!  If you are fortunate enough to attend school consider yourself blessed.  There are plenty of places in the world where 90% of its residents can’t read or write at all.  SO does having more avenues to educate the masses make us special?  YES and NO!

What happened to teaching free enterprise?  How about failing a kid that actually makes bad grades? Is it legal to give an illegal alien (I’m sorry….UNDOCUMENTED CITIZEN) a grade less than a C simply because you are not requiring said student to learn the English language?  We are only special in that we can afford to provide it.  Pretty much everything else is substandard to say the least and the left lets you know about it by telling you that we have to throw more money at it.

Libtardia tries to imply that we are dependent on immigrants coming into the United States and entering our education systems to raise the level of wisdom and ingenuity being shoved into the workforce.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Do they have such low expectations from our all important halls of learning to say we can’t do it with our own citizens?  We can’t survive as a nation without influence from abroad?  I have a little more faith in our citizenry than that don’t you?

Now that I’ve laid out the mentality on a few levels, let me raise the bar a little.  Let’s play are you smarter than a Libtard!

  1.   Who is the current King of the United States of America?
  2.   How many czar’s is the King allowed to empower as rulers of the little people’s daily lives?
  3. How many corporations is the King and his minions allowed to bail out in accordance with the law of the land?
  4. How many babies should a mother be allowed to pop out from loins that are paid for by taxes levied on citizens that know better?
  5. How many murdered corpses of babies paid for by the King should be dehydrated and coated with gold and fed to the elites on a daily basis?
  6. Is it a crime to give weapons to the enemy only to blame the illicit actions performed with said weapons on the law of the land?
  7. Is there anything in said law that provides for taking monies or property from one citizen only to bribe other citizens to do the kings bidding?
  8. Should we vet a king before his appointment/election to make sure he has never been affiliated with people’s or teachings known to be associated with our enemy?
  9. Is there such thing as a Congress?
  10. Do we have a right as people to speak our mind either for or against our King?
  11. How many citizens should be placed in conspicuous advantage points in a crowd to be filmed by the national media fainting at the mere presence of the King?

YOU GET MY POINT!  The president does have enumerated powers.  Congress does too and so does the judicial system.  Knowing what they are and are limited to is NOT being taught in schools or at home for that matter.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

We have come to expect mediocracy and waste of intellect in many aspects of our lives. WHY?  Here’s the answer………BECAUSE WE’RE taught to be just like everyone else from an early age.  Our children wear uniforms to school. They only learn what the government wants them to learn and in the manner said government wants it presented.  They all eat the same crap at lunch and if mommy and daddy send something else it is scrutinized or even thrown away by the Gestapo watchdogs called Food Police.  The national media is shoving the government’s agenda down our throats in every commercial and news rag produced.  The all-powerful George Soros is funding the bias and we are like sheep that can’t stop eating from the ground long enough to realize the wolf is in the gate.

WHY?  AND What are you doing about it?  One man can’t be elected and magically make all the bad dreams go away.  We have to educate ourselves and others as to the laws and ways of this great nation or states.  Are you doing your part?  Are you telling the stories of those who are past on or can’t tell it for themselves for fear of being fired or worse?  Who did you speak to today that isn’t registered to vote?  Do you have the where with all to tell them why it’s so important?

We, as legal citizens, whether born or naturalized have the final say so.  YEAH that’s right the final AMEN when it comes to the way things are being ran.  But for so long we have been just fine with someone else steering the ship.

It’s time to have a change of command ceremony and maybe retrain the crew!

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Did You Ever Imagine?

We were all innocent little children in a far distant memory or two.  While I remember very little of my youngest years and have even blocked out some of them on purpose, I could never have imagined what my adult life would encompass.

Like many other little boys I had dreams of being a jet fighter pilot, astronaut, policeman and a plethora of other “manly man” ambitions that most little men fill their imaginations with.  I’m sure that all you ladies out their had a dreams of your own as to what you would be when you “grew up”.

Why is it that all children, of late, seem to think that their future has to consist of college?  Why do they all believe that the world is at their footstep for the taking simply for being in it?  Where did their “work ethic” go?  Why do only a few of them have any clue by the time they are “ready” to leave the house as to what MONEY really is, much less, as to how to acquire it?  I have a pretty good idea as what happened……..WE DID!

Just as much fault should go into the problems we face in the world today.  Did you ever imagine that we would be standing on the precipice of the fall of this nation?  I, for damn sure, was never implanted with the idea that this was a bad nation built on bad ideals.  I was NEVER told that our military heroes were not to be referred to as nothing less that than……HEROES.  I mean it’s not like they are just volunteering at the church bake sale.  Although I do believe those poor people do deserve a little admiration also, the only danger at the bake sale is the horror of finding some lil ole’ maid has been found gobbling down some of the profits while hiding behind the pulpit.

I mean think about it…….  Did you ever think we would have a president elected in this nation that had been raised by communists?  The supreme leader of the free world who coverts with the muslim brotherhood and the like?  REALLY!  Where did all this go wrong?  That’s right……WITH US!  We the screwed up people of the United States of America are responsible for whatever comes about from electing this moron and his minions.

I had a conversation the other night with another patriot friend of mine that the rest of us would be proud of.  He still has hope for this nation.  There are a few people in this nation that still have the esprit de corps it takes to rally the troops, as they say, to make a difference.  We were discussing the future of this republic and the discourse of the same.  What happens when we are forced to hit the proverbial “RESET” button?  Does our nation get split amongst our lenders or conquerors?  Do we just revert into some 3rd world country status ran by some overlord?  OR Do we, by some miracle sent from above, fall back on what we patriots already know is the greatest form of government in the world?

Are there enough Americans left that haven’t been brainwashed into believing the Declaration and Constitution are just some old rags penned by Ole Fogies way back when?  Are there enough patriots who believe that this great nation is still blessed by God himself and worth saving?  There in lies the question and the answer!

WE THE PEOPLE are a mixture of individuals who all have dreams.  I’m betting that there are more of us true patriots, the “MEOPLES” of the world, who aren’t ready to give up on the ideals of our forefathers and framers.  We’re not ready to sit around and be slaves to the leviathan call Government hoping for a few morsels of bread left in the mailbox while the true bourgeoisie in high offices in said Government laugh at all the useful idiots under its boot heel.

But it’s more than a bet………or a guesstimate.   It’s not just our fault for both the children’s attitudes on life and the way the government is being ran.  It’s also our responsibility to our posterity and obligation to our true God to guarantee the liberties to what’s left of those citizens who know what both liberty and freedom actually means.  That’s right, we should be doing more than just blogging.  Although we get to a limited audience from time to time I feel that we are just preaching to the choir more than not and should branch out.

I know that some of you are active in TEA parties and several other organizations that promote our intended way of life in America.  I’m not saying we aren’t making a difference with what we “pen” either.  We need more ways to promote what we do.  From mentoring to getting more into the political platforms themselves we must do something.  Start locally……….even if it’s at the bar instead of church.  Look up the history of the Marine Corps and Tunn Tavern if you don’t believe that it works.

If you have more ideas please feel free to let me know about them in you comments.  It’s crunch time people, and besides, what else you gonna do with the next year………..watch reruns of American Idol or any of the other “reality tv shows” we’ve all been enamored with for the last 20 years.  What good has that gotten us?  Personally I’m tired of all the Obama care ads and come get your freebies ads aren’t you?

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Criminal in Government

HR 347- Just remember that number when debating with your libtard friends.  It’s kinda funny that the “free speech” we all hold dear to our heart is being squelched by the Commander of Speech himself Barrack Hussein Obama.  I haven’t looked it up, but I’m wondering how many republicans voted for this tyrannical “bill”.  Why isn’t the “national media” shouting at the top of their proverbial lungs at this travesty.  I guess that’s kind of obvious if you think about it.  The national media is waiting for their bailouts and can’t say much against the new “Gay President”!  Here’s a little video to explain things in a little more detail.

Here lately you have more and more democrats jumping off the ship Obama.  None of them want to be seen with him either.  They have something better to do like, I don’t know, wiping their ass!

Even this guy walked the plank recently. 

Let’s look at some funny and no so funny pics to see more reasons to get this man out of office.

By inserting himself into this case, Obama and his justice department have shown their true colors to say the least.  Poor Zimmerman will hang for this whether guilty of crime or not.

I just find this one funny and disturbing.  Unfortunately it’s probably the way the idiot thinks.







Yup just a bunch of hot air!







You would think people would have seen this for what it really was.  A blatant disrespect of this country.

This man should be in jail in the very same cell.  Disgrace to the justice system and to America as a whole.






YUP that’s Chavez.  Nothing like joking it up with the enemy huh?





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I Messed Up!

Normally this works!  I had a fairly long days work with little sleep last night.  For some reason I can’t get to sleep on Sunday nights very well.  So I get off work at normal time knowing I have a special project to go oversee overnight. Yeah tonight! (We’re taking a break)  So in the interim I turned on the most boring television I could find to lull me to nite nite……CSPAN.  Normally, it puts me right out unless I’m there intentionally to watch an important vote.  NOT TODAY!  Here’s what happened!

I started watching an interview between some left-wing nut job of a reporter and a guy who I’ve only heard of in passing and now think is a total waste of brain cells if not oxygen itself.  His name is  Noam Chomsky.  He’s Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus), Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Semantics, Philosophy of Language at the infamous MIT.  I’ve not been in the university scene before but for some reason his raspy noxious voice was not helping me fall asleep AT ALL and what he had to say did nothing to help my blood pressure.  SO I dunked another OREO in my cold glass of $5 per gallon milk and listened till I threw up in my mouth a little and thought hard about blowing a hole in the big screen.  After coming to my senses I simply flipped the O.N./ O.F.F. button to the disable position.

Basically, mostly because I can’t find any video on it, the moron said that Obama is a horrible guy oh and a great guy at the same time.  All his policies are great except for the fact that he’s taking so many of our liberties away.  This kind of pseudo intellectualism has crept into our society so quickly that for a second it actually made sense.  I don’t mean that I look at life and the goings on in this country the same way this moron does but in the opposite direction he’s right.

Occupy Wall Street movements really have brought discussions about socialism, communism, capitalism, free enterprise, poverty, jobs and the like up to the surface to shed the light of truth on each.  How many people do you know that even knew who Carl Marx was much less all the bloodshed his ideologies has caused.  I mean, yes, we knew socialism/communism was a bad thing but with it “over there” we were sheltered from it and just kept it in the back of our minds.  NOW we see it for the evil, spawned of satan himself, it truly is.  We also know how to combat it with the TRUTH.

The “Arab Spring” really has raised the issue of Muslim beliefs and how contrary they are to our way of life.  For the first time in, I don’t know, there is a drive for something higher than yourself…….GOD!  The true God that doesn’t tell his people to wipe anyone different from the face of the earth or enslave them against their will.  Yeah the “religion of peace” has shown its true colors to the world and we know how to combat that too.  JESUS!

The housing market crash, has made us more aware of crony-capitalism and how the over reaching arm of the federal leviathan only gets in the way of the true free market.  We’ve figured out, I hope, that just because we “WANT” a house does not mean we have a right to buy one with money we don’t have.

We would not have thought much about these things.  They are evils that have become a thorn in our sides over the last few years.  These issues have awaken the American Spirit.

So here’s what made me so mad I could have……  Well for one thing he praising a man who he apparently has wet dreams about being his own little communist savior.  Most “normal” people don’t praise someone simply because they hold an office unless they are ok with things such as royalty.  Did you know we don’t have a king here in America?  This guy doesn’t.  I don’t know where the professor stands on religion but it truly was disgusting.

At the same time, he spoke badly about this administrations encroachment on our liberties.  I guess he’s worried that his beloved OWS morons will eventually lose their “useful idiot” status and be labeled TERRORISTS right alongside the TEA party patriots.

While yes he did use a few big words that I had to look up he made it clear that he was o.k. with the federal government taking over everything.  The problem is that he missed the point of what was coming out of his own mouth.

You can’t get married to the federal government and expect them not to make it clear to you which side of the bed you are going to sleep on or what’s for supper.  Or even if you get to eat at all!

Let’s do what we can to get them it out-of-the-way.  Could we, for once in the history of this great nation, elect people who believe and practice true constitutionalism?  Hell, I’d be o.k. with someone passing a budget that makes sense or at all for that matter.

I’ll do more research into this guy Noam Chomsky.  I may need to “take my medicine” first though.  Nothing like a devout communist influencing the little minds of our brightest huh?

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Happty Mothers Day

I wanted to take an opportunity to wish all you of you ladies out there a Happy Mothers Day.

I looked into the history of this day of celebration of motherhood and found so many different stories it was pathetic so I’ll skip that boring part altogether.

Women are awesome!  Not just for the normal everyday reasons we like having them around but for many more reasons than I have words.  Just think about it!  We, as men, can go out and produce goods, hunt, fish and even do the dishes every once in a while but we will NEVER be able to, with the help of God himself, produce life.  While not personally envious of this ability, it’s always gonna be something we can’t do.  While we men do love our children, we’ll never have the same bond with them.  Mothers are truly special.  You can’t tell me there’s no God!

The whole nurture thing is something we may strive at as men but never quite get.  I think we’re doing pretty good to be trying since there are a few billion men out there without the guts to take care of their children at all.  SCUM OF THE EARTH!  SORRY, got off topic a little.

Women, well most women anyway, get it.  Children are God’s gift to us and having a true Mother around to take care of those gifts is a blessing.

Happy Mothers Day to all you ladies out there who get rule the world by rocking those cradles.  I feel this country will probably be saved more by you mothers than not.  You know the value of freedom and life!

Special thanks to my wonderful mother and all the women who put up with me throughout life.  To my wife who tirelessly strives to make sure our little ones know no hardships to speak of and who’s “momma bear” attitude has even saved me from drowning a few times.

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Step Back a Little

Sometimes you have to step back a little and see how things look to the regular people.  By that I don’t mean the unintelligent, but rather, the people who are too damn busy with everyday life to see what is really going on.  You know, the people with three kids and split households just trying to make things add up from time to time.

They all know that the grocery store is costing them quite a bit more for a lot less in the can.  They all know that GAS is outrageous.  Oil today is roughly at $103 bucks BTW.  Let’s see $150 bucks a few years ago didn’t have regular gas this high but now it is……..YOU figure it out.  All I know is that something smells bad and my candy bars and fast foods keep getting smaller while costing quite a bit more.  Have  you tried to buy wood or construction materials lately?

Step back a little and listen.  The “national media” is telling everyone that all is well while everything you know from day-to-day says something completely different.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out we’re all getting the wool pulled over our eyes while the MSM is inflaming our brains with all this racist crap from hell.

Have you ever thought that it’s all some BS like the Judge said it was?  Yeah you know the one that Fox kicked off his own show.

We get to see what they want us to.  We hear what they want us to hear and without people like the ones reading this we would never hear more.  I’m not that old but, for some reason, I remember watching the 10 o’clock news thinking that there was no way they were lying to me.  BOY was I wrong!  I mean so wrong that I’ve had to completely rethink everything I was ever “taught” by the media.

I know I’m preaching to the choir but our liberties are being taken from us day by day and now the only legal course of action we have is being rigged by this administration. VOTING!  You know that one sacred thing we have left that gives us a little say in things.  That little button gets pushed and we think we’ve done something for the “cause”.  NOW “professor ASSHAT” and his minions has even sent that overseas to one of his biggest donors.  I can’t think of anything that could go wrong with that at all.

I mean we’re all being sidetracked or should I say sideswiped by the whole Trayvon race war BS while the administration can’t wait to “not let a crisis go to waste”.  Didn’t they just sign NDAA into action recently?  GO FIGURE!

SOOOOOOO what do you do?  Do you rise up and blame everything on capitalism like the Black Panthers, OWS and everyone else that, for some reason, want to rule the world? Do you just give up and stay at home like most of the voters in the recent primary?  OR, do you get off your ass and Spread the Word!

Have you heard that our glorious ASSHAT JR. Eric Holder is now trying to push the idea that voting is a “right”?  If you want to debate that it’s not you might wanna read the constitution a few times before you get into it with me!  What a moron ole’ Eric the blameless is!  Why is this man not in jail yet? Oh yeah it’s because his knee pads are quite thick and he knows he’ll never have to actually live under the “rule of law” he actually believes everyone else should live with.  Look up how he feels about gun ownership and see if you don’t agree with me.

Did you realize that the Supreme Court has never overturned congressional “law”.  Oh yeah that’s a lie. Well in any commerce law right?……well that’s a lie too.  Do you get the picture?  Do you believe anything that comes from any of their mouths?  Do you fear for the future of this country?  Do you even give a damn?  I DO!

Do I even need to mention the attack on every religion but Atheism or Islam.  Do you feel that race relations are better now that we have a “multicultural” Prez?  AND NO I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN SO GO RACEBAIT SOMEONE ELSE!  Does your money buy as much as it did 3 1/2 years ago?

How about those judges huh?  What would happen if “WE” the citizenry would try to intimidate judges?  I bet I could tell you once I dug out from under the jail.

SPREAD THE WORD  and let’s get this MORON and his minions off the hill!  Some people really just ” don’t know” or are too busy to figure it all out in the few minutes they have to relax.  Life isn’t the same for everyone and if you don’t tell them what’s going on who will………..Jay Carney?  Hey did you know that the prez was a law professor and knows shorthand.  I guess that makes us all too ignorant to understand the world!  What a waste of flesh…………….. PLEASE!

Semper FI

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We As Americans

Alfred Einstein & daughter take U.S. naturalization oath.<—–Yes that’s who you think it is and his daughter.  Even he figured out eventually that this is a good idea.

First let me say to my readers, all 10 of you, that I’ve been quite busy around here lately and have not been able to even read email, much less, write!  So I’ll try to make up for it in the near future and I’m sure you understand.

NOW I have a question!  It’s a fairly simple one and it could be answered in so many ways that I might even write on the answers to it individually.  Here it goes…………..WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU TO BE AN AMERICAN?

Is it opportunity or the liberty?  Could it be the freedoms given to us by God himself that we hold so dear?  We talk about the fact that we are “Americans” all the time and I’m betting we each have a different idea as to what that means.

Are you ok with that fact we have CZAR’s now?  Can you handle the fact that this administration and some in the past have done their best to creep into every aspect of our lives?  Do you like incandescent light bulbs or even smoking in your own back yard?  CAN YOU GOVERN YOURSELF WITHIN THE LIMITS OF LAW?  When you hear the words “We the People” do you cringe that it has become an issue of a collective more so than a nation of individuals?

Are you afraid that there won’t be an America “as we know it” for much longer? I’m truly interested in what your honest thoughts are with all that is going on.

We keep hashing stories and rehashing the goings on but don’t really have a dialogue between us to let each other know how we “FEEL”.  SOOOOOOOOOOO let’s get to it!

I like to talk…..a little too much at times…..and more than that I like to give my opinion on the every day happenings of life in all aspects of it.  Do you?

Help me out, if you will, with this simple question;  What does being an American mean to you.  If it’s Uncle Sam, apple pie or just knowing that government is supposed to leave us the hell alone.

Thanks in Advance and I’m open to all discussion.  Let’s see where it leads!

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The Daley Gator

This Executive Order was posted on the web site on Friday, March 16, 2012, under the name National Defense Resources Preparedness. In a nutshell, it’s the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for “National Defense”, whatever they decide that is. It’s peacetime, because as the title of the order says, it’s for “Preparedness”. A copy of the entire order follows the end of this story.

Under this order the heads of these cabinet level positions; Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Defense and Commerce can take food, livestock, fertilizer, farm equipment, all forms of energy, water resources, all forms of civil transporation (meaning any vehicles, boats, planes), and any other materials, including construction materials from wherever they are available. This is probably why the government has been visiting farms with GPS devices, so they know exactly…

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Do You Believe a Word This Woman Says?

Personally, like so much with this administration, I believe this was staged.  BUT if not……I bet this little girl will be one of the first to enter the FEMA “re-education” camps.

Just Sayin!

Here’s a transcript:

TOPANGA SENA: How do you respond to critics who say the government should not be telling people how to eat or to stay active?

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, that’s absolutely right—and Let’s Move! doesn’t do that. Let’s Move! is not about having government telling people what to do, because government doesn’t have all the answers. I mean, a problem that’s this big and affects so many people requires everyone to step up. So we’re asking everyone to do their part. Parents have to make some changes at home, but they need the information to be able to make those choices. And they have to have access to affordable foods in their communities—fresh and healthy foods, right? We need government to do its part, but we need businesses to do their part, as well.

Be sure to let your parents know they aren’t good enough to raise you little girl.

Nothing like a little Gerbles propaganda to make your day go better!

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I hate that this is happening but we all know it’s not going to get better. Doesn’t really matter who’s in office! Just got done watching a History Channel thing on how almost every crime investigation is started by looking for “digital evidence”. NICE HUH!
I’ve been half heartedly wondering when I’ll hear that knock on the door.
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Asylum Watch

[ Those who have followed Conservatives on Firefor a while know that my Saturday page is dedicated to one of four collaborators, one of which is the blogger, A Conservative Teacher. When I began blogging again after my eye operation, I found I was unable to access his blog. Confused, I kept trying and was only recently able to gain access and now I know why. Our friend’s blog was under attack. the attackers even managed to get his sponsors to drop him. Please read this important warning to all of us. It was originally published at A Conservative Teacher on Thursday, March 8, 2012.]


Total Political War: Fascists and Progressives Expand Attacks to the Second Tier


Over the last several years, I have been fighting my own brand of war against those people who are the enemies of freedom and liberty. My style of fighting is to…

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