Mission Statement

Libertate unanimus – Unified by freedom!

Like most, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all that is happening in and with our great nation. I hate to imagine the world as a whole. I’m a local Joe like most of the men and women in this country. I want to believe that most people in the world want to be left alone to live life as they see fit without the powers that be “nudging” us in the direction they feel is “better for us”. I’m a conservative, Christian, non-partisan man that loves our country. I also have the firm knowledge that I am NOT in the minority. Minority has nothing to do with color. It’s a label. You are what you believe in and the qualities listed above are becoming more and more prevalent in these United States.

Where this blog goes is really up to me and the true “THINKERS” of this country. It’s easy. You don’t have to belong to some Ivy League alumni or even have a degree in anything but life itself. Being rich, black, white, man, woman or otherwise will get you no preferential treatment here. There is nothing in any of my “books” that says you or I are better than anyone else. Right is right and wrong is well you get the picture.

I want to not only have discussions on politics, news, and even everyday life events of yours but I want us to embark on a journey to get people involved in turning the happenings around them in the right direction. I’ve learned that talk is cheap and lying on the couch or lounging in your favorite recliner is not getting anything done. Not even at

Time is precious and you don’t get even one second of it back.

Rules of engagment:

If you show hatred, even of yourself you are out. We don’t have time for it!

You can of course talk about anything.

Facts are facts. If you don’t know the facts and speak, you are setting yourself and anyone that follows you up in a bad way.  Be ready to back it up when asked.

THERE ARE NO FAVORITES! EVERYONE will be heard as long as the
previous rules are followed.

These are MY rules and are subject to change. 🙂



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