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Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid Please!

I found this on The Blaze.  The “Green movement”, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is a pretty big drink to swallow.  As a Christian,  I call it a mockery to God himself.  It’s just another social religion … Continue reading

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Conservative Take Back?

I could probably spend the next two days writing about all the things wrong in the world much less our country.  At the end of those two days there would be another six days worth to write about.  Muslim Caliphate … Continue reading

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Spread the word

When entering the blogosphere you start to see things that stand out.  One  prevalent thing is that people on both sides of the political spectrum are FED UP to say the least.  It takes time to make these videos and in todays … Continue reading

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Lets Get it Started

This being my first post and first blog, I’ll make it short and to the point. Please read the about section to get at least an idea of where we are going with this.  The possibilities I feel will be endless … Continue reading

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