Do You Remember When 90 Degrees Was A Nice Summer Day?

By Shane

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I would like to thank Shane for not only asking me to contribute to his site at TBA but also for agreeing to do the same here at Spreadeagle Patriot.  We’ve spoken at length about what we are both trying to accomplish without sites and I could not be more honored to have such a great individual taking part in this great endeavour.  All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent…….WE WILL NOT REMAIN SILENT!  Welcome Shane.

I’ll keep this rant short and sweet….

I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life.  I have never, in my 29 years, lived more than 5 miles from one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world.  When I was a kid, we called 90 degree days, summer.  We don’t get too many of them here in Michigan and we would enjoy every minute.

Fast forward to 2012.  Al Gore’s lies and scare tactics have clearly taken their toll on our nation.  I woke up this morning to warnings on the radio.  “TAKE CAUTION!  IT MIGHT HIT 90 DEGREES TODAY!”  We were warned of the health risks that come with the temperature, told not to gas up our cars, and to not mow the lawn.  And the worst part is, people seem to buy into the scare tactics.  You can’t talk to anyone on a day like today without talking about how hot it is.

Take a look at the weather records…or just listen to the talking heads on the radio or television contradict themselves.  In one breath they talk about record breaking heat, only to point out 10 seconds later that it’s the highest temperature for this day since 1998.  That’s not a record!  Do you think people 10, 20, or 100 years ago spent their entire day talking about records.

We are being inundated with ‘climate change’ scare tactics every day, and people are starting to believe.  I’m willing to bet, in 1995 when it hit 90 in Michigan, you thanked God summer had finally arrived.  You probably jumped in the car or got on your bike and went to the lake.

Now I can’t go a day without hearing about how it hasn’t rained, the lake levels are low, and how hot it is.

Be careful people.  As this becomes more and more talked about and a bigger part of our lives, those suggestions of not filling your gas tank will turn into requirements.  Environmentalists are just one of the many groups of foot soldiers for the Liberals in their effort to bring total government control to our lives.

Take note.  I bet this winter the same people talking about the heat will be talking about how unusually cold it is.  The same people complaining about the lack of rain this year will whine about how rainy it is next year.  Don’t fall into the trap.

Complain all you want, I’m going to enjoy the weather….and even though I have 3/4 of a tank of gas, I might wait until the hottest part of the day tomorrow and top it off just for kicks!  I will note, it is a good excuse to not mow the lawn!  I hope the lack of rain and excessive heat kill the grass so I don’t have to mow again this year!

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1 Response to Do You Remember When 90 Degrees Was A Nice Summer Day?

  1. Shane says:

    Thanks a lot for the intro and the kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. Hopefully through this partnership we can both reach a few more people and take a little bit of the burden of blogging off of each others backs. Sometimes I don’t think people who read blogs understand how much time it really takes to manage and maintain something like this…but as you said, WE CANNOT REMAIN SILENT!

    As you would say, SPREAD THE WORD!

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