What Difference Does It Make

I know it’s been almost a year.  Get over it!

The days I was writing seemed to get the same amount of visits as those I didn’t!  What makes this one different? Well nothing, other than the fact that I’m a different person for better or worse.  I see the world as a different place too.

How is it that we, as a nation, enjoy such greatness while at the same time are loathed by almost every other government the world over?  Is it because we really just don’t give a damn what other people think about us.  I mean think about it, we (meaning our government) will wipe you and yours from the face of the earth with a single stroke of a pen or, God forbid, the all-encompassing “executive order”.  And for what….. oil? the fake war on drugs? knowing something you shouldn’t? revealing something you shouldn’t? being affiliated with a terror group like the TEA Party? or maybe even being a Christian because, without getting into many details, God knows you are a target around the entire world if you happen to be Christian.

No it’s none of these things!  I think it’s pretty simple actually…..

It’s jealousy!  I know that doesn’t seem to be a very academic answer but why else would there be such disdain for something so phenomenal.  We are the last remaining refuge from the storm.  Even with all our own turmoil, people still flock to the United States legally and illegally to partake in the greatest experiment on earth seconded only by Christianity itself.  That experiment is called FREEDOM!  The freedom to govern yourself and be left alone to prosper as you see fit within your own circumstances.  You can be whatever you want in life.  You can have anything you want OR NOT.  Either way, it’s up to you.  Private property, for the time being, is still perused and granted to satisfy that ever yearning desire to pluck just a morsel of this great nation from the masses and call it MINE!    There are too many pros to count in one article short enough to keep people’s attention so I’ll quit while I’m ahead but what other country in the world are people doing anything and everything to get into…….NONE by choice.  Our free market system, our freedom from government oppression (which is quickly becoming past tense) and the overwhelming desire to follow a higher consciousness of our choosing drives us to innovate and prosper to be the greatest nation God has allowed to exist.

Other countries, or at least most other countries, have allowed kings, queens, religious fanatics or some other form of dictators to rule over them with the ever oppressive boot to the neck or worse.  We get to choose our governing class <– I hate that word when it refers to people—- instead of blood line or the gun being the deciding factor in who gets to make up what we call government.  Simple as I can put it they are jealous of what and who we are as a nation.

I refuse to disavow the fact that being an American citizen is a special thing.

Now I can get to what the title refers to…… What Difference Does It Make.

I know it’s a Clinton thing, to use that phrase, but it’s all so important right now.  Does it make a difference to be proud of people who keep us safe while at the same time disliking the people who tell them who to take over.  I think it makes a big difference how about you?

Does it matter to you that our lives are being rationed away as fast as our freedoms by simply allowing the governments, local, state and federal, to regulate every aspect of our lives? I do mean every aspect!

We worry about poor Phil Robertson on TV for being ousted by the network while at the same time continue to vote for people who voted for a bill that would allow you to be detained indefinitely without charge.  Freedom of speech and, in turn, opinion is awesome to protect but so are the other freedoms we like to call our own.

Does it matter the our own supreme court justice goes to another newly formed country and tells them, while helping them write their own constitution, that our U.S. constitution is hot a really good model to follow when writing a new one?

Does any of this matter if we are still willing to just be OK with the NSA implementing every spy network and instrument in the world to spy on its own citizens not to mention the rest of the world?

It’s time to raise awareness and make a difference in people’s lives.  Even if it is just to spread the word of Freedom instead of oppression.  I think we’ve been at war so long that people who are fighting it….may not even remember why they are there in the first place and that’s what’s so different to me about the world.  We are allowing these things to happen and at a much faster pace.

Can we find ethical men and women to govern us and still uphold the original intent of generations past….I’m not sure but……

It’s time!

Spread the Word


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5 Responses to What Difference Does It Make

  1. It does matter. Maybe we do not have the power and influence to make immediate change happen. We can be a small voice in the wind, that when joined by those who share the same beliefs, become large enough to be heard and make a difference. Change has to start somewhere.

    • The world needs stability. For decades we Americans have been just that. A way and a light for people to look up to and want to emulate. Some good and undoubtedly some bad. But this administration has made us all look like clowns. And we sit on our hands and still hear some saying that can’t happen in America…… Well guess what. Now go vote….. And write your politicians and get their stance on state and national agendas. There are what 320M people here……there is no larger army if we are all armed. Stop meddling in every other countries skermishes and fix….U.S. Stop bowing down to the Muslims and other world powers.. Get our house back in order……give the world something to follow again and they will. Only then will we regain what once was and in turn promote real change.

      • Does that not mean change starts with us? Vote. Speak to our congressmen and make sure they know where we stand? We should be engaged on what is going on and do what we can to at least ensure we are letting our voice be heard. Change starts here and yes only real change will come when the US returns to leading by example. I believe that starts with us. The government cannot ignore us forever.

      • Oh they can ignore us and have been for years. But finally someone is getting where I come from.

      • Can they really ignore us if the masses speak? If people really spoke. Does our system still work? Are the checks that were put in place broken? How can they ignore the public completely and get away with it? Granted I can be naive but I absolutely believe in hope. In that hope there is always a way. If they are ignoring us, why? How do we make our voices heard then?

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