The Thief In The Night


I know, I know……not another “Feds taking our money” post from a non-relevant blogger.  I’m not sorry.

I would bet that 90% of Americans don’t even know what a fiscal cliff is much less what the answers are as how to get through it.  It will happen so I’m not even questioning that fact.  If not now, we will fall off shortly but not with the same definition the main stream media is pushing into our ear canals.

It’s human nature to either shove your head in the sand up to your bunghole or just blame “the other guy” for what’s happening in our lives.  In saying that, I think the whole “CLIFF” thing is a bunch of BS!  We’ve been on this slippery slope for many years and the only thing the morons we have elected into office can do is play kick the can.  If you see a can of beans on the shelf at the local grocer that is crushed in any way, do you buy it?  Hell no you don’t buy it……”it could kill you” right?  SOOOOOOOO why would you buy the truckloads of  cans full of BS the powers that be want you to believe?

The military will be cut whether you like it or not.  We don’t get to fight our enemy anymore.  We just throw a few punches and President Asshat apologizes and promises we’ll rebuild what we just broke. Oh, and we’ll pay for it too!  We’re rebuilding Mosques as I type all over the middle east.  All in the name of diplomacy I’m sure!

The taxes will rise on the rich!  You know, those people who make the world go around and provide you and I with employment.  What do you think will happen when the share holders start to see their dividends plummet?  That’s right…..they’ll make products cheaper with substandard materials, raise the prices to make up for the loss, start firing people or even go so far as to close down altogether before their monies are completely gone!  Where will you be without a J.O.B.?

The price of energy “will necessarily skyrocket”-President Asshat  The E.P.A. and all the other unconstitutional departments of the Federal government have already re-appropriated private land so that it is “unsustainable” to drill, dig, or even walk on by humans.  We’ve already shut down almost half of the coal mines in the nation and the whole “green energy” scam is being debunked every day as well as the subsidized companies that promote and build all those panels and windmills.  So I guess we’ll all be taking our turn on the treadmill generators.  Don’t laugh, it’s probably being studied.

These things are not some nightmare deep within our subconscious.  These horrible dreams have been coming into reality for a long time now and there is NOWHERE ON EARTH TO RUN!

It’s fact that the progressives have weaseled their way into not only the local governments but even into the most powerful political leadership position in the free world.  The Democrats have done it through identity politics and the Republicants have done it through empty promises and lack of leadership.

The Republicants have been quickly running true conservatives out of their committee positions and would send them packing for good if it meant the Rino progressives like Boehner, McCain  or Snow would get their way with the GOP.  The Democommunists are vilifying the Republicants at every turn to make sure the blame game continues while hoping for the worst case scenario so they can grab even more power through oppression of the hungry masses.  The progressives in BOTH parties even pick and choose whom to feed or house through even more identity politics…………and apparently it’s working!

While all these things are even advertised with our stolen property called taxes on “come get your welfare” billboards in open view to the masses, the majority of the nation still fell for it. AGAIN!   SHOCKING HUH?

The levying of taxes has to be voted on first by the House right?  So why is the spineless progressive Speaker of the House Beohner the Blowfish even talking about raising taxes on anyone at all?  There is only one answer to sway the blame game back the other direction.  Propose and pass a budget in the house that levies NO NEW TAXES on ANYONE and cuts spending across the board………………..AND GO HOME!

That’s right I said SCREW THE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED SENATE!  Let them try to  explain to the people, who are about to be in a world of hurt anyway because of our past transgressions our constitution, why cutting taxes and spending is a bad idea.

Now I know that the founders gave power to congress of taxing the people but they didn’t say “here’s a blank check” as to how to spend said taxes!  There are enumerated powers.  I know that’s not taught anymore but it’s still true.  THAT’S IT…..just 18 little powers expect the federal government to handle.  If it doesn’t fall into those few categories…….IT SHOULD NOT BE!

These are simple concepts that we as fathers, mothers and ultimately tax payers have to deal with on a daily basis.  If you can’t understand these ideals… should not be a babies momma or daddy!

Educate the people in the ways of both the ONE true God and a true constitutional republic and hope for real change!

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