Liberty and Innovation

“Liberty is the great parent of science and of virtue; and a nation will be great in both in proportion as it is free.”- Thomas Jefferson

I finally got inspired by a true American innovation story that has almost no equals.  I was listening, for the first time I might add, to the Mike Slater Show on satellite radio.  While I’m not normally one to get all teared up, this interview was so eye-opening that I think some sawdust may have flown in mine…..both of them.

PLEASE DO NOT PASS UP THIS AUDIO…….once you get past the advertising and get into the meat of it…….you’ll be as inspired as I am still.    or

Now if you listened to that at all, you have to agree that this is the quintessential American success story.  Work hard, find something to improve on, work hard, invent something, work hard!!!! GET THE POINT?

You WILL fail! Get over yourself, Adapt and overcome.  Now here’s the rant part!

Anthony Maglica  (Founder of Maglite*) made no excuses and did not hold back what he feels his greatest opponent has been in the struggle to stay in business through the years.  The GOVERNMENT is “stupid” and most of us know it and still don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say it.  You can’t even talk about it at work for fear of being ostracized or even worse fired.  The owners of the businesses feel the same way you do and still have to bow down to unions and the leviathan of government themselves or be hounded by the IRS or the all-encompassing EPA or DOJ!  (PUKE I’m watching/listening Charlie Roses’ interview with the Obamas…..ya think she’s figured out he’s gay yet?)

There is real hope still visible on the horizon.  Millions of patriots are out there fighting for what few liberties we have left and even slowly gaining ground to regain some freedoms.  Both on the local and federal levels, men and women are opening their eyes, hearts and even their wallets to support the movement to take our country back from the abyss.

Government is ruining the fossil fuel industry. Government has trampled on all manufacturing in this country and ran almost any other business out of the country with taxes.  The small business owner is afraid to invest at all for fear of more regulations that could drive them bankrupt.  THIS MUST STOP and anyone with an ounce of sanity knows that the only way to do it is for virtuous men/women to stand up, open their mouths to educate the masses as to what truly makes the United States of America the greatest nation on earth!  This story being told could help do just that.

If we tell the truth……it can’t be debunked, proven false, or viably called racist…….it’s pretty simple to understand really!

Stay the course……….knock your gold teeth out to feed your babies……..don’t be the slave of the government the progressives want you to be.  Run for office…..if it’s for the right reasons ( even if you don’t win) it’s worth every sacrifice.  Support the candidates in every way you can.  They need it and deserve it for standing up against all odds and intimidation.  The left is more organized than we ever imagined and funded by worldwide, power-hungry spooky dudes who could care less about the useful idiots that serve them much less you as a conservative American citizen.  What makes you think we can’t do the same for the right reason…….TO SAVE THIS REPUBLIC!

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  1. since I do not have Facebook-could not listen to the show…any other ‘avenue’ available?

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