Executive Orders Dictator In Chief


For some reason people are actually talking about the notion of our weapons being taken from us as a reality.  What has happened to society as a whole in this country for this to even become a valid discussion?

We as Americans used to deal with problems in head on. In the past we have taken things like, oh I don’t know, electricity and transformed it from something to be terrified of into a very useful, some would say can’t do without, invention to better our every day lives.  We have invented and built a country that is the envy of the entire world.  Like it or not we are THE world leader in just about every imaginable aspect of life.  We used to make things happen in the private sector.  We didn’t depend on the government leviathan to provide our every need much less our wants.

NOW, on the other hand, the government has their hands in every aspect of our lives and we do next to nothing to prevent it.  We keep letting them into our schools, hospitals, homes, food, fuel and as of right now I can’t think of anything the leviathan doesn’t have at least a finger on when it comes to our daily lives.  AND IT’S OUR FAULT!

You want better healthcare………so what do you do?  You let the government get involved to “solve the problem”.  We let the Supreme Court legislate from the bench and DO NOTHING!  Congress DID NOTHING!  Believe me that the free market would solve that issue quickly.

You want clean air and water so you let them create the EPA.  We already have Departments of Environmental Quality in most states so why do we need the feds involved?  I won’t even get into the whole light bulb thing.  Once again I could make a free market argument for that also.

You want everyone to own a home so you let the feds make policy forcing banks to lend to people who can’t even balance a tetter-totter much less a bank account.  Again we said nothing until the bubble burst.

You want to feed EVERYONE, even around the world, so we pay to feed the whole world while we have people starving here in our own towns.  Of course they are taking away deductions for people who give to charities and  those donations have pretty much dwindled down to near zero as of late. Go figure!

You don’t want the feds to tell you what to eat or who to sleep with but you do expect the government to take good care of you after you get AIDS or are dying of heart failure because of your diet.

You don’t want the CEO’s of companies to make a lot of money but you want top pay and healthcare paid in full and wonder why the company is going bankrupt.  Don’t even get me started about the constraints unions put on businesses!

You don’t like the way people worship so you let the government take all of it out of our schools and even out of the public sector altogether.  You don’t like Ole’ Glory so you don’t teach the Constitution in ANY school in the right way.

Look, I’m not much into dirty water, healthcare or food either but like in all things…..more government is NOT the answer.

Some people are evil.  That’s just the way it is! Look at the radical Islamists…..i.e. terrorists, they don’t mind even killing their own people just to make a point much less doing their best to kill as many of us as they can.  You can’t solve either with larger overreaching governments.

Hollywood makes billions on promoting the violence in society while at the same time chumming up with the left on Capitol Hill to legislate everything from gay marriage to guns.  That in itself is not just hypocritical but, I say, EVIL.

Sex and violence sells because we as a society we are moving farther away from what’s right and more into what feels good in the moment.  BUT we can’t infringe on the film makers or game producers’ 1st amendment rights.  SO why do we feel that the President has the right to infringe on our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms?

Everything else is ok but DON’T YOU DARE TAKE MY FIREARMS!

Think about it………..NOW even your doctor has an obligation to report you if you mention you have guns in your home.  So much for patient rights huh!

So lets just keep worrying about Lance Armstrong and who da baby daddy is or watch you some more Honey Boo Boo and forget all about the rest of it.  These are not the droids you are looking for.

Yup, the President signed a bunch of worthless orders today to let you know he’s the dictator in chief and you can’t do anything about it.  Why would Obama think any different…..You haven’t stopped him yet!

Any society that would give up a Liberty to gain security will deserve neither and lose both.

Tell me what you think.

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6 Responses to Executive Orders Dictator In Chief

  1. Jonathan says:

    What is good for the goose evidently is not good for the gander. In case you are wondering, I guarantee and promise you that the president, congress nor the senate are going to give up any part of their pay or even cost of living increases. There is absolutely no way we could ever expect them to change their lifestyle or spending habits. But, we the people of the United States of America who work to protect, serve and make this nation what it is, are required to give more and more of ourselves, but continually make less and less. Nothing they are doing will help pay off the national debt. They are just re-directing funds to better suit themselves and their interests. And while at it, let’s attack the 2nd Amendment rights to show America we are really against them.

    • The second amendment debate is just the hot topic of the day. While in the other hand…you’re right…. the prez is not only working on how to make sure he gets lifetime SS protection and giving amnesty to all illegals but also making sure he bankrupts this great nation like no other president before him.
      Again……Socialism is not for the socialist but for surfs to live under.
      But while he’s at it……never let a crisis go to waste still holds up….even if it is a distraction.
      Thanks for the comment.
      Spread the Word

  2. djam45 says:

    My mother didn’t tell me I was separated at birth from a twin. Here’s the main point. From the establishment of the United States of America my interpretation is that this land is a place of opportunity where a person can be…….well whatever it is they want to become. On slavery, they were incorrect, so we emancipate, and continue moving forward with all being equal. Then, in little bits over time the en-vogue issue of that generation became the governments problem and the government will “fix-it”. This is a complete lie. Blog on brother.

    • While I agree we were wrong on the whole slavery thing, to say the least, it only became part of the rally for war after everything else didn’t work. Lincoln needed to keep the south in “check” and even some of the northern states had already tinkered with the idea of getting out of the union. Lincoln needed to throw some weight around and sent Sherman down here to do it. I wonder how Obama will make his point!
      I’ll keep blogging as long as I have a twin or two.
      Thanks and spread the word. I need some serious traffic.

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  4. Are you saying that we as a people are looking the other way and deciding not to act? That as a whole we have become more concerned about what is provided for us and what is freely given vs rightfully earned?

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