Where Should I Begin?

I honestly don’t know where to start tonight!  There has been so much chaos since I last posted that it’s hard to contemplate where to begin.

I guess I’ll start with a short rant!  I think the left, especially in this “administration” must truly believe that we as a “People” are completely oblivious to what the progressives are doing to this country.  How else do you explain what is going on in politics today?  How did we get to the point where the judicial system can legislate as to what “is” and what “is not” a TAX?

Would someone please tell me where in the Constitution the Supreme Court has interpretive power of said Constitution?  I’ll tell you now that it does not have that power.  However, for some reason, now the Supreme Court in the land even has the power to legislate!  The framers are currently turning over in their graves.  We have been lied to so many times by this administration that I personally believe that the whole lot should be imprisoned.  I don’t know how one would think that’s going to happen when we can’t even prosecute known terrorists that have killed thousands of our countrymen.  HOW CAN YOU STILL STAND FOR THESE KINDS OF TRAITOROUS ACTS?

Let’s list just a few of the atrocities this administration has forced down our proverbial throats whether or not it’s constitutional.

  1. We’ll start with Barrack Husain Obama’s key legistation…..OBAMASCARE.  First of all…..It’s not constitutional to tell a business how it’s going to run its own business much less tell an individual that he/she should be penalized for “inactivity”.  That’s right, for the first time in history, you as a “citizen” are being forced to buy a service just because.  NO REASON……JUST BECAUSE!  They can say what they want about “everyone will need health insurance eventually” but what about people who are well off enough to just pay as they go?  They are being TAXED for inactivity!  This alone should have you o.k. with firing the morons that voted for this monstrosity. Did I mention the death panels or forcing all of us to pay for the Muslims and Unions that are exempt from the TAX to begin with.  I make sure and call it a TAX simply because it’ll be the IRS that collects the “penalty fees” if you don’t purchase “qualifying” insurance.  p.s. There really are death panels no matter what name you want to call them…………………NEXT
  2. CAP AND TAX= WORLD REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH  This idea has been around for quite some time but never had near as much traction as it does now.  Somehow they think that if they “TAX” all the wealthier nations on the amount of CO2 and other green house gases they produce the rest of the world will be magically productive themselves.  How many years have we been funding and feeding the world to no avail?  We even pay countries to kill us……i.e.  Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, China, Korea, Russia…..do I really need to keep naming all the countries that hate us just because we got it right for a couple hundred years.  Aint jealousy a bitch!
  3. Immigration is a touchy subject for just about anyone you talk to for a very simple reason.  PITY!  We feel sorry for people because their country sucks so horribly that they have to come here to be able to have a better life.  While I do have a heart, I still have to follow the law so why is it o.k. for others not to?  I also feel just a little responsibility to my fellow countrymen.  WE CAN’T AFFORD ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for a number of reasons too extensive to list here.  We can’t afford LEGAL immigration either.  TWO THIRDS of the students in medical schools are NOT American citizens.  Not racist….just the truth!  Now that the federal government is in the student loan business……when the illegal aliens are done with their degrees and move back to their own countries to practice and can’t afford to pay back the student loans….guess who gets to flip that bill??????????  Do I even need to mention the healthcare issues on the recipient end?  We, as Americans,  OWE anyone who is breaking the law to get into this country EVEN LESS than we do our own citizens who break other laws.  Why does the head of the justice department find it ok to threaten Texas against its own voter i.d. laws at a conference for La Rasa and the NAACP?  And you call me a racist……
  4. Allowing the United Nations to dictate what does and what does not happen in these sovereign United States is simply beyond belief.  Global Tax should NEVER even cross the mind of a true American much less come out of their mouths as a “great idea”.  Signing onto a United Nations enforced small arms treaty in itself should send chills up you spine. I really need to post more often.
  5. Sending the official counting of the American votes across the pond should never be a decision a sitting President should be allowed to do.
  6. FAST AND FURIOUS ……….When did we get into the gun running business anyway?  I mean we can’t even run a post office what makes you think we can efficiently keep up with a few thousand assault rifles?  Oh yeah…..could we dishonor our fallen law enforcement officers any more than this injustice?
  7. Black Panthers
  8. Accorn…….REMEMBER THAT B.S.?
  9. Arizona!  So much for sovereignty huh!
  11. JOBS or the lack there of!  The federal government CAN NOT create jobs except through getting the hell out of the way and let the free market work it out.
  12. EPA
  13. NEA
  14. FCC
  15. Consorting with known dictators.
  17. EGYPT
  18. SYRIA
  19. IRAN
  20. IRAQ has now allied with IRAN BTW!

Well there is 20 for ya!  Would someone please tell me anything this administration has done for the GOOD of the Nation?  Nothing but destruction and they are still in business……WHY?


How, in ANYONES mind, can we survive another round with these traitors in charge?

I’m tired of hearing about this policy versus that policy.  The only “policy” I want to hear about is the one where the Federal Government stops making policy and starts abolishing them to get out of our way.

If you are or anyone you know is not registered to vote…….MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Drive them yourself if you have to……the left is coming by the bus convoy load!

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