Emporer In Chief

Lately I have had a terrible time staying focused on much of anything so please forgive me if I rant a little.  Well actually, I’ll probably rant A LOT!

The other day, while flipping the channels, I came across a show where the man was treating his lady to a wardrobe update.  While this is actually something most husbands would love to do for their wives that is not the point of this post.

During the session the wife was trying on tiara’s.  YEP, as in highly decorative head-piece meant to symbolize royalty or something special like Miss America.  I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THIS EITHER.  You ladies are special and should be made to feel that way often.  What really grabbed me is what was being said while the headpieces were being swapped one for another. They started talking about how it made her feel like royalty.  THEN THE WHOPPER……. She said she felt guilty for wearing it because she only thinks of Michelle Obama as being of royal status.  Even though this particular couple was black I’m betting that this mentality has spread over all races in the libtard world.  So it’s not about race.

This is about education, or the lack there of.  We spent billions on our public school system and this kind of attitude is all we get for it.  REALLY?  We the People that do pay taxes have learned to expect less and less from the system in the form of actual education.  Our kids are learning more about what not to eat rather than the 3 R’s.  SAVE THE EARTH—-BUT DON’T SPEAK ABOUT RELIGION.

Beyond popular belief……an education is NOT a right!  Even if you do believe it to be a right, that still should not force others to pay for it on the federal level.  SO why are we running the college loan business?  I digress!  If you are fortunate enough to attend school consider yourself blessed.  There are plenty of places in the world where 90% of its residents can’t read or write at all.  SO does having more avenues to educate the masses make us special?  YES and NO!

What happened to teaching free enterprise?  How about failing a kid that actually makes bad grades? Is it legal to give an illegal alien (I’m sorry….UNDOCUMENTED CITIZEN) a grade less than a C simply because you are not requiring said student to learn the English language?  We are only special in that we can afford to provide it.  Pretty much everything else is substandard to say the least and the left lets you know about it by telling you that we have to throw more money at it.

Libtardia tries to imply that we are dependent on immigrants coming into the United States and entering our education systems to raise the level of wisdom and ingenuity being shoved into the workforce.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Do they have such low expectations from our all important halls of learning to say we can’t do it with our own citizens?  We can’t survive as a nation without influence from abroad?  I have a little more faith in our citizenry than that don’t you?

Now that I’ve laid out the mentality on a few levels, let me raise the bar a little.  Let’s play are you smarter than a Libtard!

  1.   Who is the current King of the United States of America?
  2.   How many czar’s is the King allowed to empower as rulers of the little people’s daily lives?
  3. How many corporations is the King and his minions allowed to bail out in accordance with the law of the land?
  4. How many babies should a mother be allowed to pop out from loins that are paid for by taxes levied on citizens that know better?
  5. How many murdered corpses of babies paid for by the King should be dehydrated and coated with gold and fed to the elites on a daily basis?
  6. Is it a crime to give weapons to the enemy only to blame the illicit actions performed with said weapons on the law of the land?
  7. Is there anything in said law that provides for taking monies or property from one citizen only to bribe other citizens to do the kings bidding?
  8. Should we vet a king before his appointment/election to make sure he has never been affiliated with people’s or teachings known to be associated with our enemy?
  9. Is there such thing as a Congress?
  10. Do we have a right as people to speak our mind either for or against our King?
  11. How many citizens should be placed in conspicuous advantage points in a crowd to be filmed by the national media fainting at the mere presence of the King?

YOU GET MY POINT!  The president does have enumerated powers.  Congress does too and so does the judicial system.  Knowing what they are and are limited to is NOT being taught in schools or at home for that matter.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

We have come to expect mediocracy and waste of intellect in many aspects of our lives. WHY?  Here’s the answer………BECAUSE WE’RE taught to be just like everyone else from an early age.  Our children wear uniforms to school. They only learn what the government wants them to learn and in the manner said government wants it presented.  They all eat the same crap at lunch and if mommy and daddy send something else it is scrutinized or even thrown away by the Gestapo watchdogs called Food Police.  The national media is shoving the government’s agenda down our throats in every commercial and news rag produced.  The all-powerful George Soros is funding the bias and we are like sheep that can’t stop eating from the ground long enough to realize the wolf is in the gate.

WHY?  AND What are you doing about it?  One man can’t be elected and magically make all the bad dreams go away.  We have to educate ourselves and others as to the laws and ways of this great nation or states.  Are you doing your part?  Are you telling the stories of those who are past on or can’t tell it for themselves for fear of being fired or worse?  Who did you speak to today that isn’t registered to vote?  Do you have the where with all to tell them why it’s so important?

We, as legal citizens, whether born or naturalized have the final say so.  YEAH that’s right the final AMEN when it comes to the way things are being ran.  But for so long we have been just fine with someone else steering the ship.

It’s time to have a change of command ceremony and maybe retrain the crew!

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3 Responses to Emporer In Chief

  1. we got RID of “royalty’ – starting with the Declaration and then a war- 1776-
    No King but King Jesus was the motto of that Revolution-
    just wish we had an R that I could trust-

    • I was going to say something similar but no need 🙂

      I will only bow to the King of kings, all other royalty is just another human!

      And the education system is designed currently to dumb down our students and water down their ability to critically think for themselves! Oh if I ever have kids ans send them to public school they will get in so much trouble for arguing with their teachers! 🙂

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