Is Freedom Dead?

“If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”-Samuel Adams

Sometimes there are things in life that point to the obvious.  This picture is definitely one of those.

^^^NON LIABILITY VOTER!^^^       Now on with “the rest of the story”.

I am, and this don’t happen often, at a loss for words.  Actually, I’m so overwhelmed with all there is to talk about that my fingers can’t seem to tell my mind what to type. <—-SEE!  I’m flabbergasted at the way things have been going while at the same time knowing full well that it was coming.  WE ARE SCREWED!  I truly don’t think it’s going to matter who we put in office and even if he/she gets it honest… person can NOT change the way things are without this nation dealing with quite a lot of PAIN!

We get Obama apologizing to Islam over the damn burning of Quran that should have been burned in the first place because their own followers had written in them.  If that were the reason for all the turmoil in the middle east why aren’t they storming the prisons where their “brothers” did their deed.  My BIBLE has plenty of writing in it from my own hand and I bet God doesn’t care!

If you are a Christian and profess it openly you are quieted in one way or another.  Pretty much any profession of any religion (except Islam…..) is counter to the mainstream directive.

Freedom of speech is a gimme.  Unless you are writing for the national media who can say whatever they wanna say you are screwed if you want to give your opinion on anything. i.e.- Glenn Beck ( CNN, FOX) Judge Napalitano ( FOX BUSINESS) Juan Williams ……and countless others in the last 3 ish years who have spoken the truth or even tried to speak their minds.

If you want to assemble as a Tea Party member you are ostracized as a terrorist.  If you are a raping, thieving, belligerent, loitering, anti-Semite OWS scumbag……YOU ARE PRAISED BY POTUS!  OMG………..1ST AMENDMENT DEAD

Weapon and ammunition regulations have gone rampant.  Selling weapons to the cartels and denying knowledge of it from our highest DOJ “official” is a freaking JOKE and the whole world knows it.  Hell they practically gave the bad guys weapons while we as Americans have to give fingerprints and 30 forms of id with a waiting period.  And don’t you dare have “too many” weapons…….ONE SHOTGUN, ONE RIFLE and a pistol is now considered an arsenal.  I could write volumes on this subject.  2ND AMENDMENT DEAD

If the national guard want to set their equipment on your property and set up camp on said property…….try and stop them and see where that goes.  Look up   Engblom v. Carey~ The courts did uphold this one after a long legal battle.  BUT ONLY AFTER THE COURT OF APPEALS HEARD IT!   3RD AMENDMENT DEAD

With the use of drones, x-rays, scanners, computer, aerial surveillance with planes and helicopters, bugs of countless different species, smart phone virus’ and third-party digital logging through Google and the like they don’t need to come in your house.  HOWEVER, if the FBI or other agency wants to get in……YOU BETTER LET THEM IN…..and you don’t even have the privilege of telling a soul without being thrown UNDER a federal pen somewhere.  4TH AMENDMENT DEAD  BEEN DEAD BURIED AND GROWN INTO A TREE SOMEWHERE THAT IS WITHERING IN OLD AGE!

Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council v. Tahoe Regional Planning,535 US 302 (2002) Held that a 32-month regulatory moratorium on  development in the Tahoe area did not constitute a violation of the Fifth  Amendment Takings Clause, and was not compensable.   Kelo v. City of  New London, 545 US 469 (2005) Held that the government  exercised eminent domain appropriately when transferring property from unwilling  sellers of private property to a private developer who planned to use the land  for economic development (shopping and office space). The transfer constituted a  permissible interpretation of “public use” under the Fifth Amendment.  5TH AMENDMENT DEAD

You could SIT AND ROT in prison just waiting on the right court room or a judge to wake up from a month-long nap on something as simple as warrants for speeding tickets.  COUNTLESS  6th AMENDMENT DEAD

Evidence is re-examined all the time.  Trial by jury is pretty much a joke since they don’t just go pick people off the street at random….the lawyers and judges stack most of them to lean whatever way they want.   7th AMENDMENT DEAD

I guess the 8th Amendment is still very much alive because prisoners have even more rights and protections than the average citizen does. So I take that back….8th AMENDMENT DEAD

YEAH I’m going to talk about the 9th even though you don’t hear of it often if at all.  We apparently have rights that aren’t written down.  The problem is that our governments are so over bearing that they govern every aspect of our lives because they “know what’s best for us” and we aren’t smart enough to govern ourselves as individuals.  Just like the I- phone…..”there’s a ‘law’ for that”.  9th AMENDMENT DEAD

If your state does ANY business with the federal government at all…….you have no sovereignty as a state.  NO NEED TO ASK WHY!  As stated above….we “the People”, which I belive means as individuals and not some conglomerate of sheeples, should have the most power over said “governments”.  DO YOU really have ANY power what so ever?  Other than to sway with your opinion as a “non liability voter” like the guy in the picture above……..I’m not seein’ it!

Now in saying these things that I’m sure I’ll get plenty of flack about……I do see a little glimmer of hope.  I don’t mean that in the OBAMA or any other politicians’ viewpoint but by my own meaning of hope.  Patriots…..TRUE PATIOTS…..are starting to raise their heads and voices as they should.  The truth is out there and even the liberals see that their point of view is mute when the truth is proven to them through video, documents or even simple logic.  Even the Obama hardliners are seeing that the proverbial “crap” is about to hit the fan and this administration with the help of the liberal elite are providing the scat!

These are the original “Bill of Rights”, you know, the ones written by men on paper but lent to us by God himself!  What the hell are you going to do about it?

Spread the Word…….AND COMMENT DAMNIT!

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5 Responses to Is Freedom Dead?

  1. Melissa Holland says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts. I love you and am so proud of you spreading the word. 🙂

  2. Wes McKithern says:

    You’re sounding like a Libertarian, Lance. I like it. Welcome to my side of the fence 😉

    • Never been on the “fence”. More of a Constitutionalist really but I’ll profess Libertarian in some views. “There is no fence anymore just splenters that have to be piled up and burned to allow for those of us with passion for liberties that once were to flourish.”- ME 😉 Preferably before the damn socialists hit the kill switch.
      Thanks for stopping by. Good to hear from you.
      Spread the Word

    • It’s about time someone from the clan decided to comment.

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