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Brian Sussman had a post at American Thinker yesterday. In his opening paragraph he states:

I  just got off a conference call with the Environmental Protection Agency (I do  this regularly just to try stay in the loop as to what these seditious  bureaucrats are up to). The call featured EPA chief Lisa Jackson who shared an  “important announcement” regarding “the Obama administration’s commitment to  environmental justice.”

Now, this immediately got my attention because not just anybody can can pick up the phone and get a conference call  with the EPA chief,, Lisa Jackson.  Since Mr. Sussman’s name didn’t ring any bells with me, I used the magic of Google and Wikipedia to learn that Brian Sussman is an Emmy award-winning television journalist and conservative talk radio host in the San Francisco area.

So, what did our conservative talk radio host learn from his conference call?

In  today’s announcement from the EPA…

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