Do You Like the “Like” Button?

Sometimes you get wrapped up in the whole what’s next, who’s doing what and why would anyone care.

We know by now that social media is not only tracking what you “like” or where you “like” it but is also trafficking advertising to you accordingly.  You should also know by now that the justice department is pretty much watching every button you push on these site and google and everything else.  Sooooo in saying that….this post is NOT what that’s about!

WHY DO YOU USE THE LIKE BUTTON?  Do you even like the “like” button?  To me it’s a catch 22. In one way you may or may not get more traffic from others’ FB pages and in another it gives people an “out” if they don’t want to or “don’t have time to” leave a comment.

I think (personally) that the like button takes the conversation from the conversation!  I mean think about it, we have TEXT, LIKE, TWITTER , SUMBLEUPON and countless other stuff that keeps us from actually conversing.  Why comment when you can “like”.

I know I’m griping about it and guilty of it at the same time.  I’m going to make a note to self to stop it.  I’ll do both from now on if it’s worth liking in the first place it must ok to comment on!

Just saying…………..What do you think?

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10 Responses to Do You Like the “Like” Button?

  1. When I like something it is because I either don’t have anything to say or there is nothing to say, but I still want to show my approval of the subject matter. If I have something to say, you know I’m going to say it!

  2. I never touch a button that I am not sure where it goes-

  3. BTW-looks like Judge Napolitano’s show on FOX-Business- has been ‘eliminated’ -unless you know something that I do not-
    The Willis Report is now in his spot-
    So-that ends FOX business channel for me-

    • The Judge and Stossel are the only reasons to watch Fox Business. Where did you hear that the Judge’s show was being ‘eliminated’. I need to look into this also.
      I’m about done with anything Fox altogether.
      Thanks for letting everyone know!

  4. Leticia says:

    I use the “Like” button all of the time. It just means I am agreeing with the person who posted something that runs true for me.

    • I do appreciate the Like. I just wish people would add to the thought process by commenting more. I know that many bloggers and followers check their blogrolls every day but for some reason I don’t see a lot of comments. So either I’m not writing anything worth talking about or I need to figure out how to get more readers. LOL Thanks for stopping by…..AND the comment. 🙂

    • I use the like button also but wonder if people don’t sometimes use it in the place of commenting. I mean if it’s good enough to “like” isn’t it good enough to comment on if nothing else but for an ataboy? Thanks for stopping by and for the COMMENT! I guess I need to write better or at least write more to get more action going.

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