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Leviathan CrossThis leviathan government thing has gotten WAY out of hand! 

Seriously, even if you are a Fender enthusiast this is wacky. 

We have so many factories and even small businesses shutting down because of rules, regulations and more government oversight than can be mentioned in such little space.

We see it EVERYWHERE.  Look up the “Smart Grid” if you don’t believe me.  It’s being implemented in my little ole community here in Louisiana and it WILL be coming to a town near you.  You have NO CHOICE!  If “THEY” don’t want you to make coffee one morning, or do laundry one evening you won’t.  For less than a dollar per chip per appliance they will monitor every gadget we turn on and when for how long.  All for our security of course.

You hear about it all the time where the infrastructure is tied together now on this wonderful internet and the hackers can shut the country down.  While that may be true, do they really believe that having access to everyone’s home through the “smart grid” is really going to make it harder for the vicious Chinese to do it.  Hell the components are probably being made right now in China.  DUH!

Solar panel companies are going out of business because the damn foreigners are getting the contracts to make them.  Light bulbs,,,,,,,,REALLY!  How did that get by congress? AGAIN!  Poor little Chinamen are dying by the thousands from mercury poisoning and you don’t hear a word from OSHA.  Oh yeah,,,,,they don’t have hazmat rules over there they just replace the dead people with their sons and daughters.  They don’t have a choice either.

Even good ole Texas has been allowing foreign companies to operate on Texas land to drill for OUR OIL and minerals.  I hate to admit it but Rick Perry IS a globalist.  What have we gotten into America?

We pay ungodly amounts of monies into the U.N. and I.M.F. and no one ever says anything about it.  Well a few of us do only to be shot down as conspiracy kooks or racists that want to see the rest of the world suffer.  Did you know that China and India are still listed as developing countries and get monies from the I.M.F. ( that’s International Monetary Fund for those of you who just took your head out of the sand.)

WHY are we supporting the rest of the globe while not being about to put people to work here?  While it’s NOT the government’s job to create jobs (how bout that stimulus bill huh) they should get out of the way to allow them to be created by the free market.  Why are we subsidizing oil in Brazil while not being able to drill here?  Why is our NAVY’s chief fuel supplier a horrible dictator from Venezuela named Chavez?  Matt Damon thinks he’s a great guy.  Why do we continue to buy oil from people who want to cut our heads off?

The left is cozying up to them and for some reason think that life will be great under Islamic fascism.  Boy will they be disappointed when all the actual liberal thinkers, gays and most people we call minorities get lined up for the blade.  Did I mention that they want to kill all the Christians and Jews all over the entire globe?  Fun!

You see all this babble on the news while at the same time someone ( I won’t mention who) signs an executive order to, I don’t know, ESTABLISHING A COORDINATED GOVERNMENT-WIDE INITIATIVE TO PROMOTE DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IN THE FEDERAL WORKFORCE (August 18th 2011).  Yup more diversity training on the way.  I thought we were past all this crap!  Who is this for? I thought we already had rules in place like this.

Look, the left doesn’t care about equal rights or even equal stuff.  They just know that they don’t want you to have your stuff or your rights.  All these elite liberals like to tell you how bad money is until you tell them to give the government all of theirs to balance the budget.  It’s all a sham!  They hate the same system they used to get their fortunes and at the same time don’t know where their next meal will come from if they get their way.

Stop worrying about political correctness, the left takes political incorrectness to a new level every time they get a chance.  Speak the truth and make the left scared enough of that truth to change the subject and make you out to be crazy.  They might even get you kicked off Fox!  Then you know you are doing a good job.

Spread the word!

Semper Fi

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