Reality Check Please!

Does this piss you off? ME TOO!!!Colorado Elementary School Under Fire After Saudi Flag Raised Above American Flag

This may not seem a very big tragedy to most people.  Flag burning (well American Flag burning) has become a way the left likes to show their patriotism.  Do they have a right to do this?  Yes, of course they do.  I would like to see them try it close to a squad of Marines and see how burnt cotton tastes. Anyways, not the point of this story I guess.  Here’s my viewpoint just to see if anyones even reading my posts anymore.  Point is that just because it is, doesn’t make it right.

Is it any wonder that other flags are being flown over ours in our own country.  Our government has intentionally put every other country on this earth higher than our own.  We subsidize schools that mock us and teach hate against the American way of life while at the same time the people who hate us already take advantage of the fact that we teach their children in our own public schools for free.  Why is the pledge such a bad thing to recite every morning?  Most schools only have the students listen while the speaker on the wall says it for them.  Theres no wonder why most don’t know the words of the national anthem.

When’s the last time you saw a ticker tape parade for the troops returning from God forbidden places all over the world?  How often do you see caskets drapped with Ole glory while in a town near there some freak made it illegal to fly an American flag on your own front lawn?

Countless patriots have carried versions of it into battle and lost their lives making damn sure it doesn’t hit the deck.  One would fall while another would shoulder his rifle only to raise the Colors on into battle.  We have monuments erected displaying the gallantry of these true warriors from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli and beyond. ( O.K. I’m a little biased! )

We try to spread the meanings of what patriotism, American ingenuity, capitalism, God lent rights and only get mocked as a radical terrorist.  Yup it’s coming, you just wait!  We try to teach our children true American history while the teachers at school tell our children all the horrible things we’ve done all over the world.

GO BUY A FLAG!  NO, GO BUY TEN FLAGS.  Make sure you buy them from an American manufacturer.  I’m trying to find one myself so don’t feel left out.


Teach your children what freedom is and how easy it can be taken from them.  They will be asking you here pretty soon what freedom was like and you will have to come up with an answer!  You will have to answer them when they as what you did to stop the bad guys from taking it from them.



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2 Responses to Reality Check Please!

  1. Time to do battle-hope-fully- at the ballot box and getting our ED System Back!

    • To say the least. I personally don’t think they are even bothered with what we think on either side. I missed the debate tonight but doubt I missed much. YOU ARE RIGHT about the education system. Get rid of the NEA.
      Thanks for coming back! Was wondering if anyone was reading this thing!

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