Where’s the Hope and Change?

new american dreamWhile the picture portrays the new “American Dream” I fear it’s more than just a dream.

People are sick and tired of the rhetoric, hypocrisy and pretty much any other bad word you can come up with to describe any one or all the three branches we now have in power. 

Trying to discuss politics or religion with people has become taboo and sometimes even gets you fired or worse.  People don’t want to hear the truth.  Some people just don’t care. (as a great lady once told me)  Others are so disillusioned with the process and fools that get into office that they just don’t want to talk about it at all.

Who can blame them.  It’s not enough that we have such pathetic people to choose from as candidates.  The few we do get elected disappoint us to no end.  Spending, taxes, debt, wars, foreign aid, welfare, medicare and social security fraud, housing bubbles, foreign big wigs telling our government what to do and how to do it even in our own house, the middle east, the dollar, price of commodities, job loss, homelessness and about a million other things the world gets to laugh at our handling of is out of control.

You even have some people out there trying to compare the fighting for rights of  women, gays and anyone else labeled as a “minority” to the plight of the slaves.

The “haves” pay the most, the “have somes” pay a little, the “have some want mores” get most if not all given back and the “have nothing work for nothings” get it all.  I mean if you ask anyone on this list what they do for a living, I’m sure, most would say they work very hard for what they bring home.  When you ask how they feel about taxes, they all say they have to pay too much, when if the truth be told, most pay little to nothing. (I have a direction somewhere in my head and it’ll show up in a minute, hopefully.)

No matter how you feel about taxes or anything else on the lists above you have got to be wondering what it’s all about.  Is it freedom? or liberty? (they are different yet interdependant you know) Is it for your God lent rights? What about family or friends or money?  I imagine some would say for the power to rule over the rest of the world.  Who would ever want that much responsibility? ( God maybe)

Only you can answer what you live your life here in America trying to accomplish.  Even most of the “liberals” say it’s the greatest place on earth to be. Why they are trying to make us like all the other failing socialist or communist countries is beyond me.  We always hear  “that won’t happen here in America”.  Well guess what boys and girls! 

It is said that “what one generation tolerates, the next generation legislates”.  We see it all over from gay marriage, immigration, and abortion to pure Islamic terrorism and the false religion of the green movement as a means to the ultimate end, world domination.

Fascism, socialism, communism and everything in between require you as an individual to give up more if not all of the rights we appreciate or abuse every day.  Why do we keep electing officials that openly tell us that what we have had in the past is not good enough?  Is it the fact that we’ve tolerated more and more in the effort to “just get along”?  We don’t have to kill each other to get our point across. 

If you don’t get the answers to your questions or the right ones anyway from the politicians that show up in the ever-increasing town hall or Tea Party meetings going on across the country go get or become a person who is electable.  The most powerful government entity in your life, believe it or not, is your own local governments.  If the local municipalities and states would stop pandering the feds for that all powerful dollar (not) we might actually be able to claim true sovereignty.  We, as a truly independent state, could possibly even tell the administration that seems to have the proverbial jack boot on our necks to go fly a kite.

Go out and get the answers you want and tell everyone else to go home and read the constitution.  Let the politicians that come to your door in.  Make them answer where and why they stand on things that are important to you and yours.  Look them in the eye and let them know you’ll be watching them and their votes while in office.  MAKE SURE THEY HAVE HAD A REAL JOB IN THE REAL WORLD. 

If you can’t do just a few simple things to preserve your own liberties, how can you expect the elected to do it for you?

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5 Responses to Where’s the Hope and Change?

  1. excellent ideas to become -an ‘activist’ !!–your second to last paragraph brought a smile—

    • If we don’t (because most of them are) who else will. What will you tell your kids and grandkids when they ask you “what was freedom like”?
      Are you going to tell them that we just blogged a lot. Some people can’t get out and I understand but as for me, here shortly, I’m going to let them see the face of the people they represent. It’s way past time! Thanks for stopping by! It’s been so busy lately with life that I have not had time to post. Glad I made you smile. 🙂

  2. Z says:

    GAD! I was going to exclaim about what a fabulous paragraph this was : “Trying to discuss politics or religion with people has become taboo and sometimes even gets you fired or worse. People don’t want to hear the truth. Some people just don’t care. (as a great lady once told me) Others are so disillusioned with the process and fools that get into office that they just don’t want to talk about it at all” and then ALL your paragraphs were so good, it seems silly! SUCH a good post.
    I’m so glad you’re blogging at GeeeZ and I can come here; you’re a good writer and a very good thinker. Blessings to you! Z

    • Thanks for the compliments. I wish i deserved them. I hate to see the news rehashed over and over without seeing peoples own reaction to the stories. I’m trying not to do the same ole’ things. Sometimes it roles out easily and sometimes not. I wish there were more people that would just type what they think. Of course you have to be somewhat diplomatic but I don’t have a set of knee pads and never will.
      I also wish I knew more about how to get more traffic to this blog……I tell everyone but most either don’t bother or don’t seem to want to comment or ……just frustrated I guess. Thanks again and subscribe ……do you facebook?

  3. People don’t want to hear the truth.

    So true! and I’ve found that true within my own extended family. As far as I can tell, those family members who supported Obama in 2008 continue to support him in 2012. **sigh**

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