CONGRESS, Please Keep Your Head in the Sand!


These people have been telling us for MONTHS, if not years, that if we keep going in the direction we are that the United States will be downgraded.

This may not seem like a big deal to those of you who don’t like to eat but I personally have a family and like my meals hot.  I have to say that I’m not really surprised by this.  We honestly deserve it for sending those idiots into the treasured halls they so much want to keep squatting in. Why they are squatting you can imagine for yourself.

I actually heard a newscast say that all the white house can do now is wait for the markets to open on MONDAY!  YES that’s TOMORROW!  As far as I’m concerned they do back door deals all the time and could fix this mess overnight.  The markets would still fall but the fallout would be fixed pretty quick. 

Look I’m not an economist or a politician but when my tax guy tells me to contribute more out of my paycheck I do.  To contribute more to my own taxes I have to stop buying something else I would buy with that money.  i.e. I have to stop spending as much money. 

The ratings people told our government that it needed to cut $4,000,000,000,000.  Yes, that’s 12 zeros ya’ll.  What did our government do?  Let’s just say they squatted and flipped the world the bird at the same time.

SOOOOOOO, put your head in the sand tomorrow and DO NOT watch the stock market or even turn on your tv’s or radios. 

Look for the national media to scrutinize S&P or anyone else that projects badly on this administration. Watch for the congressional hearings to begin and be sure that NOTHING will be done as this ship sinks.

God Bless the Morons Too!

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5 Responses to CONGRESS, Please Keep Your Head in the Sand!

  1. Obama’s speech yesterday was an epic fail. His use of the word “imminent’ applied to a solution for this financial crisis is ludicrous.

  2. Well it is “imminent” that we will be paying much higher taxes in one form or another because that seems to be all he talks about. My 16 year olds could run this place better.

  3. Still waiting for the folks to catch on to what this fine fellow is costing us. Take a look at the old IRA and that should about do it.

    • Funny how everyone is relieved that it “rallyed” today up 400 someodd points when it was down 635 yesterday. They still lost their ass. Your money is better off in a syrup can buried in the back yard. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. it is time to organize-

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