Animals Vs Humans


Look I’m all about keeping some species of animals on the planet ( cows, pigs, chickens, lamb, fish …..get the picture) but it’s getting a little ridiculous around the world.  

I won’t get specific by finding articles but most of you have heard some of these over the years.

Recently a little 11-year-old girl saved a woodpecker from the lethal grasp of feline persuasion.  She’s a hero right?  WRONG! Poor little girl and her mom were ticketed at their home and fined by the wildlife and fisheries because Woody was a protected species.  The loving mommy and child had the bird in a cage to keep it safe, make sure it was ok and move it to a different area where it would have a chance.  The agency dropped the charges, probably because we the meoples of the world raised hell in support of the birds savior. 

Polar Bear Buffet

I wonder how long this guy was trapped in there?

You know the whole polar bear extinction thing? Yeah, it was a sham.  Those poor little white cuddly balls of cotton are thriving and even breeding with other bear like the KODIAK.  The natives have been hunting these things responsibly forever and looks like this poor igloo maker has become the hunted.  Oh yeah, global warming is so evident up there that the overheated bears are going SNOW BLIND.  Seriously!

  kingfisher holding minnowLUNCH!

Would you believe that the half the state of California was shut down because of a little bitty MINNOW? I’m sorry, no water to grow food for America, there’s a tiny fish out there that needs the water more!  I feel that the authorities acted STUPIDLY.  (Ever heard that before?)

RAW ESCARGOA little closer to home for me is a story of a slimy nature.

There is a well established community near here that had old, worn out water mains that feed their area.  When the public works people went to replace the dilapidated pipes that were crossing a stream they found the critters.  A LOT OF THEM.  YUP, snails kept this neighborhood from getting new pipes till the bureaucrats figured out how to handle it. OF COURSE the old pipes were already torn out so the meoples in the area had to deal with temporary ones that kept breaking.  GOT SALT?

I could go on and on but I’m not an animal defense attorney so.  There are people out there that think we as humans are NOT supposed to be on the earth at all.  I don’t know how they would know if they ever accomplished their mission.   


Semper Fi

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6 Responses to Animals Vs Humans

  1. Bunkerville says:

    95 percent of all of the species that ever lived on this ship called Earth are extinct. Long before man made a mark on her. Yes, we should try keep as many species around as possible, and we should be good stewarts in not decimating a specie. But life is what it is.

  2. That incident with the girl saving the woodpecker (in Fredericksburg, Virginia, somewhere near me) just goes to show how inane the greenies are. It also shows that government regulation is WAAAAAY out of control.

  3. the farms and orchards in Northern CA – and- the laborers – are still ‘out of business’-
    I thought the libs were for the workers…

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