If They Can…..We MUST!



In “Conservative Take Back” I asked the readers and fellow bloggers to help put together a list of places on the web or where ever that conservatives can go to gain knowledge, get active in local and U.S. politics, and be able to have a true direction.  I know that’s a long list but the need for information still exists.

People are in real need and before the feds take over the net like they have everything else we need to “organize”.

You are seeing it being done by the TEA parties and 9/12 Projects and “some” local patriot groups.  If it were not for these organizations we would not have even been told about a “debt ceiling” or many other nudges the feds are shoving down our throats.

While we as conservatives have brought things to light and accomplished much we are NOT DONE.  Numbers talk and the number of converts is increasing every hour.  Did you notice the markets going nuts yesterday AS OBAMA SPOKE.  The man needs to resign.

Churches need to get past their doctrinal differences and stop shunning each other just because they believe differently how to worship Christ.  Never has there been a more desperate time to not only get along but to spread the word of Christ and make people aware of what is really going on in government both local, U.S. and the world.

There are other organizations our there that can help also.  Lions club, men and women prayer groups, Knights of Columbus, Kiwanas, local community leaders and more.  Stop bickering and realize that we are at war for our liberties and way of life.

We are not fighting simple politicians, economists or even the feds making lemonade sales a crime.  We are at war with true evil and we can do more than pray and vote. Torches and pitchforks, while getting to the point, are probably illegal anywhere near an elected official.

So, I propose, that if you have read this far then you are probably worried also.  Stop fretting and get to work.  People need guidance, information and they desperately have a desire to hear the TRUTH no matter how hard it is to fathom.

I mean if thousands of people can show up at a “flash mob” shouldn’t we be able to have thousands of freedom rallies around the country?  I know there have been a few and they can be tedious to put together but I feel it’s worth it. 

A wise person lately expressed to me that people just don’t care.  With liberty comes responsibility!  Stop feeling helpless and get empowered.  If you don’t care, who will?

Semper Fi

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11 Responses to If They Can…..We MUST!

  1. churches – must =- indeed -become engaged–
    and stop worrying about their 501 C3 status–
    The Black Regiment (Pastors (they wore black vestments)-some were signers of the Declaration)
    Thank God they were not afraid to engage—
    Organize we must-

    • People are either too agraid to engage, just don’t care to engage or are complacent with the agenda set before us. 501C3 status is debatable later but get engaged NOW! I agree completely. Thank God for the Black Robe regiment and thank God for people who are willing to speak for real justice and NOT social justice.

  2. Engaged yes, but too much Social justice going around in too many churches. I just left mine and looking for a new church. This is the new infiltration we must look out for, IMO.

    • I agree, just like the saying, if you don’t bring your Bible to church you are at the whim of the pastor and maybe the demons that could be putting words in his mouth. Hope you find a church worth bringing your family to. Thanks for the post

  3. Z says:

    Boy, I actually got a little emotional reading your post, spreadeagle! Yes, we MUST do something.
    Bunkerville, blessings to you in finding a true church. I don’t proselytize much (mainly because I can’t SPELL it!) but the Lutheran Missouri Synod is pretty rock solid………..(Not their ELCA branch)…ask Carol above..just saw my Lutheran pal’s here!!!! what a coincidence!)
    You’re so right…SCRIPTURE COMES FIRST. I hope you all come by my Sunday Faith Blog; I’ve got something worth reading coming up.

    spreadeagle…your idea is EXCELLENT. We need nonviolent COnservative FLASH MOBS…good one! 🙂

  4. Dictionaries still come in paper form…..I have to use mine A LOT! LOL
    I’ve been thinking and most of the people in the conservative movement still have jobs. There are several people reading my blog that can’t comment or even like my posts on facebook. BUT, if I had a smart phone or a way,,,,,,I’d still try.
    Thanks for stopping back by. If they can………..WE BETTER!

  5. I mean if thousands of people can show up at a “flash mob” shouldn’t we be able to have thousands of freedom rallies around the country?

    A point well taken.

    I have a personal situation here in my household that precludes my taking to the streets — namely, my disabled and bedfast husband. But most people aren’t trapped the way we are.

    Except for the economic trap. Our present economy keeps us “locked down” as we scramble to keep our jobs or, if unemployed, financially unable to do much at all. Is that the plan of the Progressives — to keep us trapped?

    As for the bickering mentioned in the post, Americans have always been prone to that attitude and that behavior. Can we put our bickering aside? I’m not sure. In any case, a lot of people will not put their bickering aside because of “American optimism.” Optimism is a good quality — unless it blinds one to the serious of the situation that America is in as we are being subjected to having our liberties eroded on a daily basis under the Obama regime.

    Obviously, I’m not feeling very optimistic today.

  6. Sorry to hear about your situation. I can’t imagine. You’ll have to give moral support which sometimes is just what a movement needs.

    Financially a lot of people are trapped right now. Prices are shooting through the roof and when the feds raise the interest rates….. ( I know they said they wouldn’t but). I do believe this was and still is happening by design and even the good politicians are helping without knowing it.

    You hear all the time, “this can’t happen in America”. Yup we’re optimistic but I think people are waking up. We have been blinded and some people really don’t care. But here shortly they will. They’ll care a lot.

    As tight as money is, people are still making Apple the largest growing company in the country. So people are definitely buying iphone, ipads, and other smart technologies. Personally I don’t have any of it, and don’t want it for many reasons, so this could be more dificult to set up. However, who says I’m the one that has to set it up? The idea needs to get around the U.S. and little ole me can’t get it there alone.

    Spread the word!
    Semper Fi

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