Palestinian Statehood Is a ‘Step Towards Wiping Out Israel’ and My Opinion on This Matter!

Found this on the Blaze.


The U.S. and other allies are scrambling for a path to push Palestinians back into direct peace negotiations with Israel, but prospects appear to be grim. Diplomatic efforts by Western member states aimed to head off a UN resolution on Palestinian statehood have achieved little or no progress thus far.

Although Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has complained of a pushback over the PA’s UN effort, it appears there is little chance of veering off the present course.

In a weekend interview, an Iranian official described the effort as merely
another step in a much broader plan. Mojtaba Amani, Iran’s ambassador to Egypt,
openly conceded in an interview with Al-Watan al-Arabi, that the PA’s push for
full membership as a UN member state “is a step towards wiping out Israel,“ and
that ”the Palestinians must follow a correct example and complete all the
measures to prevent the Zionist Entity from depriving them their rights.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offers of concession, including
compromises on language describing the borders of a future state, and
describing Israel as a home for the Jewish people, have been reportedly rejected by President Abbas. At this point, said Netanyahu, “until I give the speech, we have only one choice: going to the Security Council. Afterwards, we will sit and decide.”

The U.S., for it’s part, plans to veto any PA request for full inclusion as
a member state. At the very least, the PA would likely secure an upgrade of its
current status as a mere observer if it turned to the full UN General Assembly.
Regardless, Western diplomats say that will still only lead to disappointment
for the Palestinians and not get them any closer to actual statehood.

Of course, the Palestinians face risks if they refuse to alter their course.
Congress may follow through on threats to cut off American aid to the PA. In
which case, “the risk of PA’s collapse is very real,” said PA central bank
chief Jihad al-Wazir.


Either way this vote goes……. It affects us greatly.  The BHO administration will probably vote not to allow a Palestinian state but only for political reasons.  He needs to keep the Jeweish vote on his side in 2012.

If the administration votes yes they will have allianated not just the entire Jewish population all over the world but most of Americans in general that know it’s a horrible idea to push Israel to the side.

BHO may actually love the idea allowing a Palestinian state for many reasons.  One of which is self evident.  He wants to help his muslim cohearts to rise up against Israel.  It’s in his blood.  This man is NOT a Christian no matter what comes out of his mouth.  Besides he’s buddied up with all our enimies so why stop now.  This is what the left wants.  Can’t let a crisis go to waste you know.

He’ll get to step in at the right moment and create the false peace after he makes them divide Israel.  If not him, it’ll be one of his goons or puppet masters.

Doesn’t matter how the vote goes….there will be chaos in the middle east.  What’s new huh?

Spread the Word!

Correction: It’s not up for vote YET!  But Hamas (I mean Abbas(s)) will be putting in for statehood on Friday probably.  Sorry! Wanna keep the context correct!

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