Atheists Are Scared or They Should Be

I don’t know how else to put it.  The media won’t report it and you can’t see it in a news paper but Islam is NOT the only religion with rising numbers.  That’s right,,,,,CHRISTIANITY is on the rise all over the world.

Here are a few stories of both conversions and governments trying to stop them.

There are souls all over the world looking for the “truth”.  Many of them are finding what they are looking for in the Christian world.  So what are the atheists doing?  The only thing they can do is trying to use what little they know about the law to fool a few judges into thinking you can stop a few Marines and Seamen from posting a memorial cross in their fallen brothers’ name.  It truly is despicable to think that a few chumps can try to erase an entire religion.  I bet you can guess as to why they aren’t trying to stop the Muslims from practicing Islam or praying to their black rocks in Mecca!  Yeah that’s right the “religion of peace” would go cut their heads off or they would just magically disappear from the face of the earth.

Anyway, while across the pond in China if you are a Christian they just throw you in a van and put a needle in your arm then throw your Christian body out on the curb to be picked over by the soulless.

Christianity or any morality at all cannot coexist in a socialist/communist society.  You have to take the morals out of society for them to be controlled.  The Atheists are either unknowingly helping the socialists or are just in cahoots with them.  Either way……THEY ARE SCARED.

What they don’t understand is that in all the chaos that the atheists stir up they are strengthening our resolve.  The world being in turmoil only brings more converts to the Christian religion because it brings TRUTH and answers.  Oh yeah,,,,,,,and if your government is trying to kill you over being a Christian… only stands to reason that you must be on the right track.

Take down all the crosses, burn a few more churches, take a few more of the best-selling book EVER the Bible out of print, stop reporting all the good deeds Christians are doing all over the world if you want but the story still comes out the same way in the end.  GOD….not allah or mother nature or budah….WINS!

Here’s the video of just a few of the true patriots and I dare say Christians posting the cross!  I bet the atheists trying to get it taken down would not dare go through those who posted the cross directly!   Semper Fi


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7 Responses to Atheists Are Scared or They Should Be

  1. joesix says:

    Atheists are a growing majority in America that are comparatively silent next to the radical Christian right. Young people aren’t as easily goaded into religion as they were generations past, and even those who do subscribe to religion are finding ways to square their beliefs with the irrefutable facts of science. The idea that morality and purpose can only come from a god is an archaic recruitment point.

    • Young people today are not being told the truth. The powers that be have taken the Word of God and any reference to him and turned it into something to be avoided. The TV and video games rule their worlds and give them plenty of lives, instant gratifications and do-overs. Science is nothing more to a young person now than some high school teacher or professor telling the impressionable souls what to think and not how to think for themselves.
      Here’s something to make you think a little;
      “They say then that it is more simple to believe than think for themselves… in the eternal pre-existence of the world … than to believe in the eternal pre-existence of an ulterior cause, or Creator of the world, a being whom we see not, and know not, of whose form… no sense informs us, no power of the mind enables us to… comprehend. On the contrary I hold without appeal to revelation that when we take a view of the Universe… it is impossible for the human mind not to perceive and feel a conviction of design, consummate skill, and indefinite power in every atom of its composition. The movements of the heavenly bodies, so exactly held in their course by the balance of centrifugal and centripetal forces, the structure of our earth itself, with its distribution of lands, waters and atmosphere, animal and vegetable bodies, examined in all their minutest particles, insects mere atoms of life, yet as perfectly organized as man or mammoth, the mineral substances, their generation and uses, it is impossible, I say, for the human mind not to believe that there is, in all this, design, … a fabricator of all things…”

      Basically….how can you not believe there is a God? Every society that has ever left God out has not survived and we are not above average just because we call ourselves Americans.
      You write well. Unfortunately it’s from a very dark place. I pray that one day you’ll see that there is a creator and not just some death filled existence we see on the tube. Even the ancients knew that! Stop letting people tell you there is or is not a God and just open your senses….God will speak to you when you are ready to listen!

      • joesix says:

        Thank you for your concern and civil response. I agree with you that it’s entirely possible that our universe was created by an all-powerful being who formed and now follows the laws of nature. Many deists and agnostics take this approach. However, even some agnostics are only open to this for fear that if they completely denounce His existence, they are doomed to an eternity in Hell (which isn’t even described in the Old Testament).

        And if this detached creator does exist, how could any organized religion speak for Him? If He’s responsible for the intricacies of a butterfly’s wing or the births and deaths of countless stars, would He really care at all if two dudes get married or a rape victim wants to get an abortion?

        Science is all about free-thinking; under the scientific method, we constantly search for new answers to things we thought we knew. A millennium ago, we thought the universe revolved around our own planet. We discovered new facts and reformed our thinking. Fifty years ago, we thought the moon formed on its own and began to revolve around us because we have the bigger mass. We discovered new facts and reformed our thinking. Ten years ago, we thought Pluto, a small ball of ice with an elliptical orbit, was a full-fledged planet. We discovered new facts and reformed our thinking.

        Organized religion, and Christianity in particular, has stuck to the same unlikely story for the past 2,000 years, even as indisputable facts consistently prove that story to be false.

      • God created us with free will. It was by design that we either will or will not follow him on our own accord. If you believe that it is possible the universe was created by an all-powerful being then the very laws of “nature” are His laws. Yes, God cares greatly about his creation and how we interact with each other. There are many references to one type of hell or another all over the Old Testament; Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 66:24, Isaiah 33:10, Isaiah 1:31, Psalm 21:8-9, Jeremiah 7:20……

        I’m surprised they are even talking about scientific notation anymore. I’m sure we’ll continue to find out more about Gods creations and at the same time never really understand the whole scheme of things. There’s a show on the history channel right now trying to theorize that it was aliens who created we humans and have been screwing with us since. LOL Comical really! They are trying to explain away the existence of God. What a shame.

        I guess my main point is that if there is no God, why are there so many forces trying to prove He doesn’t exists? Why would one care that there is a cross posted or the Ten Commandments displayed. Whether you like it or not, this countries law was written by men that looked at the history of other great nations of the past and decided that Judeo and Christian beliefs was the way to go. So far it’s worked out pretty well…..if it aint broke…..stop trying to change it.

        Why would an Atheist care if a few patriots decided to honor their brothers with a simple cross memorial?

        You believe what you want about Christianity itself. God will sort us out eventually!

  2. posted about the Marine cross bearers Nov 13-:
    Will be sending photos of the GAO eagle ASA I can figure out how to attach-w/ my new system : – )

  3. Sam Kriss says:

    the thoughts of chairman mao, not the bible, is the best-selling book ever.

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