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Do You Like the “Like” Button?

Sometimes you get wrapped up in the whole what’s next, who’s doing what and why would anyone care. We know by now that social media is not only tracking what you “like” or where you “like” it but is also trafficking advertising to … Continue reading

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Oh What a Day / Google / Blogger

You know there is so much out there that it’s no wonder we can’t keep up with the goings on around the world.  In a few short posts I’m going to try and hold my “breath” and try not to … Continue reading

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“The Line to See Jesus” and Family

h/t Carol’s Blog I remember a simpler life “back in the day” where family mattered.  No hustle, no bustle and there was a definite sense of belonging.  You belonged close, not obligated, but you had a true sense of togetherness.  … Continue reading

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