Did You Ever Imagine?

We were all innocent little children in a far distant memory or two.  While I remember very little of my youngest years and have even blocked out some of them on purpose, I could never have imagined what my adult life would encompass.

Like many other little boys I had dreams of being a jet fighter pilot, astronaut, policeman and a plethora of other “manly man” ambitions that most little men fill their imaginations with.  I’m sure that all you ladies out their had a dreams of your own as to what you would be when you “grew up”.

Why is it that all children, of late, seem to think that their future has to consist of college?  Why do they all believe that the world is at their footstep for the taking simply for being in it?  Where did their “work ethic” go?  Why do only a few of them have any clue by the time they are “ready” to leave the house as to what MONEY really is, much less, as to how to acquire it?  I have a pretty good idea as what happened……..WE DID!

Just as much fault should go into the problems we face in the world today.  Did you ever imagine that we would be standing on the precipice of the fall of this nation?  I, for damn sure, was never implanted with the idea that this was a bad nation built on bad ideals.  I was NEVER told that our military heroes were not to be referred to as nothing less that than……HEROES.  I mean it’s not like they are just volunteering at the church bake sale.  Although I do believe those poor people do deserve a little admiration also, the only danger at the bake sale is the horror of finding some lil ole’ maid has been found gobbling down some of the profits while hiding behind the pulpit.

I mean think about it…….  Did you ever think we would have a president elected in this nation that had been raised by communists?  The supreme leader of the free world who coverts with the muslim brotherhood and the like?  REALLY!  Where did all this go wrong?  That’s right……WITH US!  We the screwed up people of the United States of America are responsible for whatever comes about from electing this moron and his minions.

I had a conversation the other night with another patriot friend of mine that the rest of us would be proud of.  He still has hope for this nation.  There are a few people in this nation that still have the esprit de corps it takes to rally the troops, as they say, to make a difference.  We were discussing the future of this republic and the discourse of the same.  What happens when we are forced to hit the proverbial “RESET” button?  Does our nation get split amongst our lenders or conquerors?  Do we just revert into some 3rd world country status ran by some overlord?  OR Do we, by some miracle sent from above, fall back on what we patriots already know is the greatest form of government in the world?

Are there enough Americans left that haven’t been brainwashed into believing the Declaration and Constitution are just some old rags penned by Ole Fogies way back when?  Are there enough patriots who believe that this great nation is still blessed by God himself and worth saving?  There in lies the question and the answer!

WE THE PEOPLE are a mixture of individuals who all have dreams.  I’m betting that there are more of us true patriots, the “MEOPLES” of the world, who aren’t ready to give up on the ideals of our forefathers and framers.  We’re not ready to sit around and be slaves to the leviathan call Government hoping for a few morsels of bread left in the mailbox while the true bourgeoisie in high offices in said Government laugh at all the useful idiots under its boot heel.

But it’s more than a bet………or a guesstimate.   It’s not just our fault for both the children’s attitudes on life and the way the government is being ran.  It’s also our responsibility to our posterity and obligation to our true God to guarantee the liberties to what’s left of those citizens who know what both liberty and freedom actually means.  That’s right, we should be doing more than just blogging.  Although we get to a limited audience from time to time I feel that we are just preaching to the choir more than not and should branch out.

I know that some of you are active in TEA parties and several other organizations that promote our intended way of life in America.  I’m not saying we aren’t making a difference with what we “pen” either.  We need more ways to promote what we do.  From mentoring to getting more into the political platforms themselves we must do something.  Start locally……….even if it’s at the bar instead of church.  Look up the history of the Marine Corps and Tunn Tavern if you don’t believe that it works.

If you have more ideas please feel free to let me know about them in you comments.  It’s crunch time people, and besides, what else you gonna do with the next year………..watch reruns of American Idol or any of the other “reality tv shows” we’ve all been enamored with for the last 20 years.  What good has that gotten us?  Personally I’m tired of all the Obama care ads and come get your freebies ads aren’t you?

Spread the Word and GET BUSY!

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5 Responses to Did You Ever Imagine?

  1. Look at Detroit – one of the first socialist – communist – progressive cities…An house for $1.00 anyone!
    Like you- I say- we freedom lovers must coalesce- write-state-and follow through w/ a plan to re-take our Republic…

    • To be honest I think the Detroit housing thing you talked about is the whole plan of the left. The diehards don’t believe in personal property and if they can get it cheaper or on default……..they’ll keep the housing market down on purpose as a land grab.

      We need to save the republic for sure. I have noticed that there are quite a few RINO’s about to be out of a job and hopfully we can take back the senate. I know that one person, especially Romney, won’t be able to or even want to get back to the real root of the problem but if we have both houses and the executive branch maybe conservatives will win out in the end. Maybe we can even “de-horn” some of the RINO’s too.

      Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

  2. have you been over to my site-
    the first Rino-RINO is there- written in 1993…

    • I have not been on MY site very much here lately for various reasons. HOWEVER, I read the RINO story a few months ago when you referenced it in another post of comment. Nice to hear from you again…Spread the Word!

  3. Dad and I were talking about something similar to this at lunch today. I looked at him and said, “Why does everyone drool when the bell is wrung?” I think that is the issue we face today. My generation, I’m 30, and especially the generations that follow me have been conditioned by the school systems, media, and other TV outlets that they must go to college, to receive more brain washing, and that America is an inherently bad country. Liberals have infiltrated most areas of life that influence young people.

    I also have a lot of friends that are teachers, and don’t get me started on all the crap that they have to put up with in a daily basis. They can’t even fail a kid anymore without inches of paperwork.

    I hope all is well with you!

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