I Messed Up!

Normally this works!  I had a fairly long days work with little sleep last night.  For some reason I can’t get to sleep on Sunday nights very well.  So I get off work at normal time knowing I have a special project to go oversee overnight. Yeah tonight! (We’re taking a break)  So in the interim I turned on the most boring television I could find to lull me to nite nite……CSPAN.  Normally, it puts me right out unless I’m there intentionally to watch an important vote.  NOT TODAY!  Here’s what happened!

I started watching an interview between some left-wing nut job of a reporter and a guy who I’ve only heard of in passing and now think is a total waste of brain cells if not oxygen itself.  His name is  Noam Chomsky.  He’s Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus), Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Semantics, Philosophy of Language at the infamous MIT.  I’ve not been in the university scene before but for some reason his raspy noxious voice was not helping me fall asleep AT ALL and what he had to say did nothing to help my blood pressure.  SO I dunked another OREO in my cold glass of $5 per gallon milk and listened till I threw up in my mouth a little and thought hard about blowing a hole in the big screen.  After coming to my senses I simply flipped the O.N./ O.F.F. button to the disable position.

Basically, mostly because I can’t find any video on it, the moron said that Obama is a horrible guy oh and a great guy at the same time.  All his policies are great except for the fact that he’s taking so many of our liberties away.  This kind of pseudo intellectualism has crept into our society so quickly that for a second it actually made sense.  I don’t mean that I look at life and the goings on in this country the same way this moron does but in the opposite direction he’s right.

Occupy Wall Street movements really have brought discussions about socialism, communism, capitalism, free enterprise, poverty, jobs and the like up to the surface to shed the light of truth on each.  How many people do you know that even knew who Carl Marx was much less all the bloodshed his ideologies has caused.  I mean, yes, we knew socialism/communism was a bad thing but with it “over there” we were sheltered from it and just kept it in the back of our minds.  NOW we see it for the evil, spawned of satan himself, it truly is.  We also know how to combat it with the TRUTH.

The “Arab Spring” really has raised the issue of Muslim beliefs and how contrary they are to our way of life.  For the first time in, I don’t know, there is a drive for something higher than yourself…….GOD!  The true God that doesn’t tell his people to wipe anyone different from the face of the earth or enslave them against their will.  Yeah the “religion of peace” has shown its true colors to the world and we know how to combat that too.  JESUS!

The housing market crash, has made us more aware of crony-capitalism and how the over reaching arm of the federal leviathan only gets in the way of the true free market.  We’ve figured out, I hope, that just because we “WANT” a house does not mean we have a right to buy one with money we don’t have.

We would not have thought much about these things.  They are evils that have become a thorn in our sides over the last few years.  These issues have awaken the American Spirit.

So here’s what made me so mad I could have……  Well for one thing he praising a man who he apparently has wet dreams about being his own little communist savior.  Most “normal” people don’t praise someone simply because they hold an office unless they are ok with things such as royalty.  Did you know we don’t have a king here in America?  This guy doesn’t.  I don’t know where the professor stands on religion but it truly was disgusting.

At the same time, he spoke badly about this administrations encroachment on our liberties.  I guess he’s worried that his beloved OWS morons will eventually lose their “useful idiot” status and be labeled TERRORISTS right alongside the TEA party patriots.

While yes he did use a few big words that I had to look up he made it clear that he was o.k. with the federal government taking over everything.  The problem is that he missed the point of what was coming out of his own mouth.

You can’t get married to the federal government and expect them not to make it clear to you which side of the bed you are going to sleep on or what’s for supper.  Or even if you get to eat at all!

Let’s do what we can to get them it out-of-the-way.  Could we, for once in the history of this great nation, elect people who believe and practice true constitutionalism?  Hell, I’d be o.k. with someone passing a budget that makes sense or at all for that matter.

I’ll do more research into this guy Noam Chomsky.  I may need to “take my medicine” first though.  Nothing like a devout communist influencing the little minds of our brightest huh?

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3 Responses to I Messed Up!

  1. Leticia says:

    First of all, you are one brave person to watch C-Span, I have only watched it a couple of times, one for a Tea Party Rally and the other to hear Herman Cain speak.

    I think many liberals believe Obama to be a Monarch of some kind or a Potentate of the world, who knows? I only know I want him and all his socialist cronies out of office.

    • Like I said, I was just trying to go to sleep. LOL It didn’t work out that way. I’m with you on getting these clowns out of office.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Spread the Word

  2. Leticia says:

    Yeah, C-Span can sometimes get a bit interesting. You know what puts me to sleep? Nascar! For some odd reason after listening to the cars, it knocks me out, lol!

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