Step Back a Little

Sometimes you have to step back a little and see how things look to the regular people.  By that I don’t mean the unintelligent, but rather, the people who are too damn busy with everyday life to see what is really going on.  You know, the people with three kids and split households just trying to make things add up from time to time.

They all know that the grocery store is costing them quite a bit more for a lot less in the can.  They all know that GAS is outrageous.  Oil today is roughly at $103 bucks BTW.  Let’s see $150 bucks a few years ago didn’t have regular gas this high but now it is……..YOU figure it out.  All I know is that something smells bad and my candy bars and fast foods keep getting smaller while costing quite a bit more.  Have  you tried to buy wood or construction materials lately?

Step back a little and listen.  The “national media” is telling everyone that all is well while everything you know from day-to-day says something completely different.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out we’re all getting the wool pulled over our eyes while the MSM is inflaming our brains with all this racist crap from hell.

Have you ever thought that it’s all some BS like the Judge said it was?  Yeah you know the one that Fox kicked off his own show.

We get to see what they want us to.  We hear what they want us to hear and without people like the ones reading this we would never hear more.  I’m not that old but, for some reason, I remember watching the 10 o’clock news thinking that there was no way they were lying to me.  BOY was I wrong!  I mean so wrong that I’ve had to completely rethink everything I was ever “taught” by the media.

I know I’m preaching to the choir but our liberties are being taken from us day by day and now the only legal course of action we have is being rigged by this administration. VOTING!  You know that one sacred thing we have left that gives us a little say in things.  That little button gets pushed and we think we’ve done something for the “cause”.  NOW “professor ASSHAT” and his minions has even sent that overseas to one of his biggest donors.  I can’t think of anything that could go wrong with that at all.

I mean we’re all being sidetracked or should I say sideswiped by the whole Trayvon race war BS while the administration can’t wait to “not let a crisis go to waste”.  Didn’t they just sign NDAA into action recently?  GO FIGURE!

SOOOOOOO what do you do?  Do you rise up and blame everything on capitalism like the Black Panthers, OWS and everyone else that, for some reason, want to rule the world? Do you just give up and stay at home like most of the voters in the recent primary?  OR, do you get off your ass and Spread the Word!

Have you heard that our glorious ASSHAT JR. Eric Holder is now trying to push the idea that voting is a “right”?  If you want to debate that it’s not you might wanna read the constitution a few times before you get into it with me!  What a moron ole’ Eric the blameless is!  Why is this man not in jail yet? Oh yeah it’s because his knee pads are quite thick and he knows he’ll never have to actually live under the “rule of law” he actually believes everyone else should live with.  Look up how he feels about gun ownership and see if you don’t agree with me.

Did you realize that the Supreme Court has never overturned congressional “law”.  Oh yeah that’s a lie. Well in any commerce law right?……well that’s a lie too.  Do you get the picture?  Do you believe anything that comes from any of their mouths?  Do you fear for the future of this country?  Do you even give a damn?  I DO!

Do I even need to mention the attack on every religion but Atheism or Islam.  Do you feel that race relations are better now that we have a “multicultural” Prez?  AND NO I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN SO GO RACEBAIT SOMEONE ELSE!  Does your money buy as much as it did 3 1/2 years ago?

How about those judges huh?  What would happen if “WE” the citizenry would try to intimidate judges?  I bet I could tell you once I dug out from under the jail.

SPREAD THE WORD  and let’s get this MORON and his minions off the hill!  Some people really just ” don’t know” or are too busy to figure it all out in the few minutes they have to relax.  Life isn’t the same for everyone and if you don’t tell them what’s going on who will………..Jay Carney?  Hey did you know that the prez was a law professor and knows shorthand.  I guess that makes us all too ignorant to understand the world!  What a waste of flesh…………….. PLEASE!

Semper FI

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6 Responses to Step Back a Little

  1. Leticia says:

    Can’t argue with any of your logic! Spot-on!! We just got back from the grocery store and I about passed out when we were told the total. Let’s get them all out and put some people in who are willing to get this nation back in prosperity and lower prices on everything. We can’t continue down this spiraling chaos of idiocy.

  2. LD Jackson says:

    I wish I could disagree with you, but I am afraid I can not. Little by little, we are getting used to the dark and most Americans don’t even realize it. If they did, they would be more concerned about what is happening in Washington.

    • Don’t own a smart phone and had to accept your first comment. Thanks and please feel free to read the others. I’ve just been just a “little” busy lately and have not had time to post.

      I think people realize it. The one’s that don’t, by now, shouldn’t go vote anyway! I know that seems harsh but one of the worst things that could happen to us is a bunch of non-liability voters go to the polls. (two or three times in Nov.) The people that do realize it are pretty “fed up” with both parties, for good reason, and just wanna go back to sleep rather than have heart failure at a young age watching this administration.
      Thanks again for stopping by…….Spread the Word

  3. My dad and I have been talking about this very subject for some time now. Things are so jacked up and all people want to do is simply carry on with their lives. Honestly I can’t blame them. But the romantic side of me wants to fight the system to badly I can’t stand it. I feel so frustrated trying to educate people on what is happening all around them and trying to get them to change their way of thinking is next to impossible. I’ve been asking God recently what He wants me to do in all of this. Right now as a solitary citizen that is all I can do for right now. I pray that people will wake up before we are all serfs of the state.

    BTW, I love the judge!!! His facebook postings are always dead on and normally either funny or entertaining! 🙂

  4. “…let’s get this MORON and his minions off the hill…”
    great takes- and the conclusion is spot on!!!

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