We As Americans

Alfred Einstein & daughter take U.S. naturalization oath.<—–Yes that’s who you think it is and his daughter.  Even he figured out eventually that this is a good idea.

First let me say to my readers, all 10 of you, that I’ve been quite busy around here lately and have not been able to even read email, much less, write!  So I’ll try to make up for it in the near future and I’m sure you understand.

NOW I have a question!  It’s a fairly simple one and it could be answered in so many ways that I might even write on the answers to it individually.  Here it goes…………..WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU TO BE AN AMERICAN?

Is it opportunity or the liberty?  Could it be the freedoms given to us by God himself that we hold so dear?  We talk about the fact that we are “Americans” all the time and I’m betting we each have a different idea as to what that means.

Are you ok with that fact we have CZAR’s now?  Can you handle the fact that this administration and some in the past have done their best to creep into every aspect of our lives?  Do you like incandescent light bulbs or even smoking in your own back yard?  CAN YOU GOVERN YOURSELF WITHIN THE LIMITS OF LAW?  When you hear the words “We the People” do you cringe that it has become an issue of a collective more so than a nation of individuals?

Are you afraid that there won’t be an America “as we know it” for much longer? I’m truly interested in what your honest thoughts are with all that is going on.

We keep hashing stories and rehashing the goings on but don’t really have a dialogue between us to let each other know how we “FEEL”.  SOOOOOOOOOOO let’s get to it!

I like to talk…..a little too much at times…..and more than that I like to give my opinion on the every day happenings of life in all aspects of it.  Do you?

Help me out, if you will, with this simple question;  What does being an American mean to you.  If it’s Uncle Sam, apple pie or just knowing that government is supposed to leave us the hell alone.

Thanks in Advance and I’m open to all discussion.  Let’s see where it leads!

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6 Responses to We As Americans

  1. cmblake6 says:

    I remember when the nation was actually based on the Constitution. I’d love to see some real scholars go through everything that has happened in the last hundred years, and purge stuff not within those parameters.

  2. Leticia says:

    cmblake6, my sentiments exactly.

  3. Ed system slowly taken over by ‘progressives’ starting at the turn of the last century by John Dewy and his buddies–the study of the Constitution and the HIS tory behind it was the first to go—

    Did you see my post on the movie MONUMENTAL-

    • Amen……Socialism/Communism can’t coexist in a true spiritual/moral society. Soooooooo they just replace it with the new Church of the Green Movement.

      Sorry it took so long to reply….been quite busy. Good to hear from you!

  4. What does being an American mean to me? The freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. While I am coming to understand just how our freedoms are being taken from us, we are still the United States of America. We are still allowed the freedom, the choice to make the decision. Once we no longer have choices, we are no longer free. This is what, for the time being, separates us from many nations. We have the freedom of choice.

    • We the right to life. Liberty. And the pursuit of happiness. The first two we don’t have to pursue they are God given and the pursuit of happiness does not mean equal results for all. Which is the way its supposed to be. Your rights are trampled on all the time….television shows nudge us into believing law enforcement has the right to do whatever it wants and that we as citizens just have to put up with it. Know your rights!

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