More of BHO’s BS Radical Relations!

Do you feel that race relations are better than before this SOB got into office? I damn sure don’t! Course I guess that’s the idea aint it?

Go spend about 30 minutes watching this garbage and you’ll know exactly where this so-called President stands on “race relations”.

Thank you for voting for this MORON!

The Daley Gator

“Space Traders” was produced by HBO films and is based on a short story written by Prof. Derrick Bell, Barack Obama’s Harvard Law professor. : Bell eventually resigned from Harvard in 1992, and continued to stir controversy. He wrote a short story, “The Space Traders,” in which he imagined that Americans would sell blacks to aliens in exchange for gold to repay the national debt. He also implied that Jews would help blacks only out of a sense of self-preservation, turning Holocaust victim and diarist Anne Frank into “the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy.”


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