NO I’m not talking about ACTUALLY burning people’s homes or causing violence but some people are…….the OWS goons.

Yup they are on their way and are organizing with help.  Watch this video and if your eyeballs still have blood left read on.

h/t Breitbart



YES they are truly advocating violence to take this country over and have no idea what to do after they do it!  GO BACK AND WATCH THE WHOLE THING!

If you are on the fence as to what kind of America you want after the “reset” button is pushed you should think greatly about what kind of life you want for your kids.  This is providing you get to have any kids once this infanticide loving administration gets done with you.  IT IS BEING PROPOSED!

It’s time to stop giving money to the unions and start pressing your state governments for right to work legislation.  It’s working down here in the south as long as the NLRB stays distracted.

“A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men.”- Thomas Paine


Spread The Word!


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3 Responses to BURN THE DAMN FENCE!

  1. won’t be changing to WP-
    in fact-one of my favorite Aussie blogs changed from WP to blogger-
    sorry that you are having trouble leaving comments –
    leave them here-and – I will come a read them-:-)

  2. Leticia says:

    This just made me even more sad that Mr. Breitbart is no longer with us.

    • As sad as it is…..and it is…..the passing of Mr. Breitbart should only sharpen our resolve.
      There will come a time when most, if not all, voices are silenced in the public realm. SPREAD THE WORD (as you are) It will be needed as much as the Bible (I dare say) to show our posterity what liberty truly is. Stay on course my dear patriot and be mindful of what it depends. 🙂

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