If you live within 1000 miles you need to get there to show your support.
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  1. Leticia says:

    Parents really do need to fight back. When it comes to my boys, I am a momma bear ready to tear down anyone who tries usurp my authority.

    Excellent video.

    • Momma Bear….please refrain from speaking your mind in matters that envolve your own children. You know that they are very much wards of the state and you should get on board. You’ll either get on board or get kicked off the ship altogether. The non-liability voters who don’t care about their kids until they don’t get the monthly check for each and every one will make sure not to raise a voice in this situation. Why stop such a good thing….free babysitter….free lunch for the little chilren….it’s a utopia right? As soon as they started busing kids from hear to there and visa versa it was OVER! Pretty soon I’m sure they’ll outlaw home schooling like Switzerland and many other nations. So don’t count on that for long either. I truly did get angry after that video…..thanks for stopping by. Spread the Word

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