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  1. I’ve got a lot of friends in education at all levels. My ex-girlfriend is a college professor, one of my best friends is a technology educator (robotics and computers) at a local high school, my best female friend is a lead teacher at a local elementary school, and another friend is a principle at another high school. All of them have said at one time that the federal government needs to get OUT of education. Sometimes there are even conflicting standards that the government passes down compared to the state and local level standards.

    The dumbing down in the education system has been going on for years now and most of the school systems now are totally broken and behind the times. As far as I’m concerned, some of these students should be doing calculus by their freshman year in high school. If we want to fix education we need to shut down the dept of education, drop no child left behind, and raise standards. Let the kids who can and will excel take the ball and run with it instead of slowing them down to the sack of hammers in the back who’s future is flipping burgers and voting democrat.

    • I had a whole disertation that I posted twice and it didn’t get printed soooooooo I got upset and didn’t get anything on here but the video. I don’t know why and that’s the only time it happened but that’s why I didn’t talk much about it last night.
      You are sooooooooo right…….we’re raising a bunch of 2×4’s with plenty of splinters. You would be lucky if anyone knew what calculus was now days much less learn it in the 9th grade.
      Yes lets get rid of the department of education, the NEA and of course the teacher’s unions. Do we need to raise standars…..of course….what I have a problem with is who’s gonna do it? If we say the feds…..we’re right back to where we were……Let’s get it completely out of the federal governments hand and back to the states. Then parents could truly make choices as to where the “really” want to live to raise their families.
      Tell me ONE……EVEN ONE….thing that the federal government has gotten their hands on and have not ruined.
      Thanks for commenting……I take all of them in and love the conversation!

  2. Taught in public schools for 10 years- knew that the basics were being sloooowly eliminated-
    1982-while pregnant w/ my off-spring-found out that homeschooling was an option.

    Decided to homeschool – and learned the true HIStory of this Republic while attending HS seminars–
    Even my excellent education did not include the basics of the HIStory of this Republic-
    So-I learned too-
    Plus-I taught my son Latin and learned that ‘language’ as well –
    let me know if this comment posted-

    • WOW —-Super Mom Award……No really, you are to be commended. I still have to look up 99.999% of anything close to looking like latin and there is NO WAY I would put up with other peoples kids for 10 years.

      YES this one posted….I don’t know why the one the other day did not and ended up in spam….I’ll go look for more in a bit.

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