What Matters Most?

NO REALLY!  What matters to you?  Are you sure?  From what I’m hearing in my little world is that people are getting the answers to those questions very well on their own.  It’s not like they have a choice!  People don’t trust the “national media”, the internet, the  local newspapers and for damn sure don’t trust the politicians at any level of government!  Did anyone hear that “9” EU nations had their credit ratings downgraded?  Probably not!   Well and if you did they were quick on MicroSoftNoBlackCommentators to point out the great idea of carbon credits fixing the problem in the EU!  REALLY!  MORONS, I think I’m going to take that channel out of the list altogether.

There are scandals on the left and right.  Those telling you they are conservatives couldn’t be farther from the meaning of the word.  Those on the left are just fine with taking everything and every right God gave us as long as they don’t have to play by the same rules.  Can you blame people for being just a little upset.

Some “preppers” as they are being called now are being arrested forwhatever and the OWS crowd get to rape and pillage because it fits the “agenda”.  What the hell is a zombie BTW?  REALLY!  The administration seems to think you should be worried about it because they have actually sent out the “memo” on the subject.

EPA……JOKE!    NEA…..JOKE!     CIA…..JOKE!   FBI….JOKE!   FCC,CDC, ICE, DHS, TSA and lets not forget BHO……THE BIGGEST JOKE!  Please tell me which one of the above listed government agencies or any others you can actually believe in!

People are telling me that there is A LOT in the world that MATTERS to them.  Economy, War, Food Shortages, Housing Markets, Stock Markets, Inflation, Unemployment, EU Crisis, African Crisis, Middle East Crisis, Chinese/Russian Take Overs, Nuclear Strikes, Terrorism, Sharia Law/Caliphate HERE, our fight every waking hour for the rights being taken from us………………EVERYTHING MATTERS!

People are awake……….or dead!  This fact cannot be argued.  For being such a great community organizer BHO sure knows how to DIVIDE a country even worse than it already was.  Can’t let a crisis go to waste you know!

People Matter………..THIS COUNTRY MATTERS!  There’s nowhere else on earth!  THIS IS IT!  Are you ready to lose it?  I’m Not!

Educate yourself…..Talk to others……if they won’t listen, MOVE ON…..NEXT!

Let your children know the true history of this country and what “civics” is all about!  Would someone please tell me where the “free enterprise” class went!  Do you know where your kids even are right now?  Just sayin.

Let me know what matters to you and your families!  We should be raising such a stink that The Hill should have a permanent cloud over it.

People around the world are laughing, for good reasons, at us!   Our freaking president is so spineless that he had to ask the Iranians with a pretty please with sugar on top to give back the damn drone that China pretty much gave to them, and at the same time has the balls to tell his own CHRISTIAN nation that they WILL comply with healthcare regulations and back it up with a gun!  Thanks so much for voting this moron into office.


We all know what has to happen but you have to make sure the people we do end up with in office know it also!  WHERE THE HELL IS THE TEA PARTY?  WHAT ABOUT THE 9/12 PROJECT?

DOES IT MATTER?  HELL YES IT MATTERS and if it doesn’t matter to you……there are several container ships leaving this country empty every day headed for CHINA!

I know the post probably doesn’t read right to anyone but me…….SO go stub your little pinky toe and get pissed that I made you do it……THEN it’ll read just right!

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12 Responses to What Matters Most?

  1. You have hit the ‘nails on the head’ SE-
    Our first step is to wrest the Ed system from the ‘progressives’-it has been held by them for a 100 years and they gained control slooowly so no one would be aware—
    The true History of this Republic must be taught–
    I could go on.and on and on-
    You can see why I chose to Homeschool…

    • Now take that thinking process and spread the word. 🙂
      Wish I could afford to homeschool our three. Good for you and yours! Course I’m sure they’ll outlaw homeschooling soon.
      God help us!

  2. My dad and I have this conversation 3-4 times a week here at the shop. People have stopped caring anymore in this country. When we care more about the death of some doped up singer vs. the death of troops fighting overseas then there is something bad wrong with this country. People have become comfortable with being ignorant. People have no clue how this country works, from the government, to manufacturing, to the banking system. If people understood what is going on around them, and cared enough, then there would be a revolution over night. It is not until the American people’s backs are against the wall have we historically done anything drastic. We are close, but not there yet; the people are still watch their crap on TV, they can still put food on their tables, and they think they still have freedoms. The main problem is our hearts, and politicians cannot fix that.

    • I wrote about the Ignorance being bliss a few weeks ago and you are right about the normalsy bias. I personally don’t think we are divided enough. PC is in and patriotism is only a passing thought when the shit hits the fan. Good for the flag makers in China though!

  3. bunkerville says:

    Yes, non stop coverage of a singer trashed out on drugs and dies, and America is dying as well, piece by piece and where is the outrage?

    • Don’t you just love how, when our men and women die in a combat zone, their death is either not mentioned at all or just a byline. We should be ashamed for allowing this to happen. BUT, we still buy their crap or they would’nt be in business anymore!

  4. Leticia says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Our children need to educated on the foundation and history of our nation. NOT what the progressives want them to learn.

    As for trusting the media, that’s a big NO. Fox News does a pretty good job, but I rely on a lot of Christian talk radio and websites.

    • I have to re-educate our kids all the time. It’s a shame really…..What’s really a shame is how little I was taught myself.
      Only in the last few years have I learned what little “true” history I do know!

  5. Favor-could you let me know if blogger has placed capcha coding on my comment section of my blog…
    I never asked for any coding-and would be very upset if the new coding has been placed on my site—

    • CAPCHA CODING has been on your comment section for quite some time. It was ok for a while but now I have to log into google for the capcha coding/word verification security thingy. It won’t work at all with me only logged into WordPress. That’s the problem I’ve been having. I of course don’t mind logging into google to comment on your blog BUT if it’s something you didn’t want….. I would be upset too.
      There was a guy that responded to my ? to the blog forum about your blog. I’ll try and find the email and send it to you. He couldn’t comment on your site either…..I HATE GOOGLE!
      I’ll post this on your site also to the newest blog.

  6. It is time that I switch to wordpress- tried once before-had a problem setting up—
    I also attempted to get the coding off of my comment section-cannot seem to find the right stuff-and do not want to press anything –that I do not know—already lost one comment-
    My off-spring does not like google either!

    • I don’t know how but this comment ended up in my spam folder that I don’t check daily. If you need help setting up your wordpress site let me know and we’ll work it out. After you set it up it’s pretty easy from there and there are lots of tools along the way.

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