WARNING: Michelle Obama and the food police may be parked outside your house before you get through reading this.

I know you probably don’t start mixing food and God but well……I’m the one writing it and I love my GOD and the blessing he gave us called BACON!  Yes the grease infused, high calorie, fatty goodness that only God himself could have invented.  Even you people who feel we humans don’t belong on this earth, and should jump off of it to support your cause, could say that bacon is Gods way to population control.  Course if you belive that you probably don’t believe in God in the first place. MORONS

The Blaze did a story on Jack in the Box having a BACON MILKSHAKE!  Limited quantity of course.  Well I personally love MALTS and since even Sonic rarely carries MALT or know what it is I sometimes fall for the inevitable milkshake swap. BUT NOW…..I find myself asking if this is some kind of evil plot to control the country by combining two of my food loves into what has to be a Devine experience.  Luck would have it though that there are NO JACK IN THE BOX restaurants in this damn town.  Good thing I travel a little!  I WILL HAVE ONE!

Ok, sometimes, I get a little carried away but I personally have NEVER met a person that does not like the taste of BACON!  Have you?  If so…….you should alienate the ASAP because they are of the devil.  😉

You can think of pork as an unclean animal for religious reasons if you want but if God didn’t want us to eat em…..they wouldn’t be fat and slow!  Well slow enough.  Kinda stupid to say you won’t eat pork but say chicken is ok.  Two of the dirtiest, eat anything animals in the barnyard.  That’s all I have to say about that!

NOW I’m going to tell you some of the ways I love the God-given tastyness called BACON.

BACON wrapped French cut green beans.


BACON wrapped Jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese. YUMMMMMMM!

BACON and cheese omelet

BACON wrapped hamburger

BACON wrapped Shrimp.     

BACON in my GRITS………if you don’t know what a “GRIT” is……LOOK IT UP or come down here and we’ll give you some with cheese and BACON in them.

We even have something down here called Cracklins.  It’s double fried, bite sized pork belly that you will fight over in the car and should only be eaten in a private place all by yourself and by the pound.  ANY MORE than 1/2 a pound would send most people straight to the ER for a heart restart.  WORTH IT!

I have more pork recipes but this post is about BACON……Gods gift to his people.

I have not had a BACON wrapped fried turkey yet but it’s on my list of to do’s.

You know the meaning of true love?  My MawMaw crushing up PawPaws bacon every morning so he could eat it with no teeth!  SEE IT CAN’T BE BAD!

For Melissa Spread the Word!  EAT MORE BACON

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7 Responses to THERE IS A GOD and BACON!

  1. You need to thank God for the new convenient because under the old Jewish dietary laws pig, which includes that wonderful bacon, would be against the law to eat. I have a some Jewish friends who don’t eat bacon . . . must be a sad life!

    I’ve got 3 mason jars full of bacon grease at my house. It’s great to use to cook with instead of butter or oils, especially if you want that bacon flavor. Just keep it in the fridge and spoon it out when you need it.

    Have you even tried bacon from a freshly slaughtered pig? That is what we will be eating in Heaven!!!

    • Yes…THANK GOD for the new covinent.
      We do the bacon grease thing here in our home also. Goes great in the green bean, purple hull peas and pretty much any other vegetable.
      Fresh pig is quite tasty and if this is what we’re eatin’ in Heaven….I’m glad I believe in the NEW coninent. I’m still working on ideas for your site orders. Spread the Word

  2. Love bacon-

    Just returned after listening to Bill whittle at my local Rep- group event-
    He is as good in person as he is on his videos!

    You’ve been busy posting I see…
    I took a bit of a time out…
    Have a good week my friend-

    • I took last week off from work. Between projects around the house I did have some time to blog a little. Thanks for the heads up on Bill Whittle, I’ll have to look him up.
      You know if you subscribe to the blog you could get it right into your email. 🙂
      I love bacon also…….seems to make everything taste better and certainly improves my outlook on life…….at least for a little whilte.
      Spread the Word

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  4. Z says:

    I LOVE BACON, TOO! BUt what’s with your “NO ONIONS” ? A friend’s son always cuts onions into 1/8’s and wraps bacon around them and either grills or bakes them……………delicious 🙂

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