Congrats New York!

New York- 21…….New England-17 Just in case you didn’t know by now.
I’m not normally much into football but thanks to one of my sons Jeremy…..I’ve been watching more of it lately and getting to know the game and all the endless stats that seem to rattle from his brain to go along with it. It’s quite mind-blowing sometimes how it all works out.

Anyways…..It was a good game. I hope everyone won their bets!

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2 Responses to Congrats New York!

  1. I was watching with a group of Patriots fans. You could taste depression in the air after the game. One of the guys lost $700 on the Pats :S

    • Since the Saints were’nt in the game I really didn’t have much interest in it but it was a good game. I bet the mood around there was quite down and I wonder how much money was lost……Oh well….I never bet more than a few peanut M&M’s on much at all.
      Thanks for stopping by. I have an idea that I might wanna pass by you later on a project. Not sure how you are on time in your life but I have little to none so I might need some back up in the research department.

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