The Sleeping Christian Giant Is Waking Up…..Praise God!

Awesome to see the young speaking out against this massive takeover of our liberties.

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4 Responses to The Sleeping Christian Giant Is Waking Up…..Praise God!

  1. Leticia says:

    Those kids are fantastic! We need more of them to start standing up and speaking the truth. I am relieved to see that not all young people are worshipers of Obama.

    • Sometimes it does take peoples of the same “thinking” to get into the heads of their peers. Kinda like worshiping in different ways in church or anywhere really. Whatever gets the right message to the people in need of it. There will be more of them standing up and speaking out to say the least. “Kids” have very little to look up to at home (for the most part) now days even in their own parents. They are hungry for life and the truth. You’re right and it’s great to see that’s it’s starting to “CLICK”.
      Thanks for stopping back by! Spread the Word and the WORD

  2. So why would a non-Christian want to be a leader of a Christian group? Why would a straight person want to lead the local GBLA? What is the point of this rule?

    • It’s all about power! Socialism/communism can’t coexist with GOD because it’s EVIL! If they have everyone on the government dole and have control over the rest of every part of societies lives they can play the ultimate power role……GOD!

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