Yeah I Said Hell

This man, if his walk is as big as his talk, should be the next POTUS!  Makes me wanna jump up, wave my Gadsden flag and start going door to door campaigning for him immediately!

Will someone please give me some background on this guys voting records?  I know little more than what’s in some of the videos of him.

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5 Responses to Yeah I Said Hell

  1. I’m pretty sure he voted for NDAA. He was quoting a section that did not include citizens, but why would Obama say he wouldn’t use the power to detain citizens if it wasn’t in the bill somewhere.

    • Point well taken….Why give them the power in the first place.

      Where is it in the Constitution that gives the judicial system the power of interpretation? I’m bet you can’t find it.

    • I bet I know where you can find a copy of the Constitution too. LOL
      How’s biz?

      • We are getting more and more website traffic, but no orders 😦

        I’m having to sit behind the computer for 6-8 hours a day farming for back-links. I’d much rather be out in the shop making things. Plus side is I get to keep track of everything that’s happening around this country and world and get many different people’s opinions about it.

        But good news, yesterday we finally got our printer set up that prints directly on our plaques in color. So now I can CNC, laser, and print on plaques without having to send them off. I don’t think many companies have that ability under one roof.

  2. Got you e-mail-
    Try to post a comment again-let me know if it works—

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