This Man Understand America!

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I know the video talked about taxes as being robbery but something else stands out about it that makes you think…….or it should!

Around the 3:40 ish mark of the video Walter Williams explains that no matter where a person ended up in life, you can’t be sure as to where they started.  I completely agree with his analogy that this is one of the greatest things about America!  I try not to use the addage started by the progressives in the early 20th century of the “American Dream”.  I tend to use what I call the American Experience!

The word “Dream”, to me, is some unattainable presence in the world.  The word “Experience” actually gives you options.  There are so many countries around the world that do NOT allow you to choose what you want for breakfast,  much less how you go about making the funds to aquire it!

Doesn’t matter if you are from the “ghetto” or the middle class. Even if you are already well off,  you have the chance here to do something else.  If you aren’t happy with who and where you are in life, you have the opportunity in America to change that.  Try that in China and see where you end up!  If you aren’t happy as a secretary or even an engineer, you can find your way into doing something else.  The pursuit of happiness is NOT a dream here…’s an Experience!

Everyone makes choices in life and there are results to the different roads we travel.  Those could be good or bad but by no means, after a certain age, should we blame someone else if they do go badly.  I know some people stand in our way at times and even work against us in others but ultimately we are responsible for how we deal with those situations.  Sometimes we can influence those people in ways to have them change their ways to be better themselves.  You never know really!

Some seem to think that the status quo is the way life is going to be forever.  I beg to differ!  Think about it for a minute and you’ll have to agree.  In this great country we have anything and everything you could possibly want in life and more.  The majority of which was invented and built right here in America.  The list is endless but there is no question that people are leaving every corner of the earth to come here to the United States.  Foriegn leaders are scrambling to America for medical treatment while at the same time denying their own “citizens” that same care simply by stiffling their countries economies through one form of tyranny or another.  Arabs are flocking to the country to avoid being murdered by their own countrymen.  That list is also endless!

We tell our children that they can be anything they want to be when they “grow up” but tell me if you truly believe that or is it something you tell them to keep their hopes up?

We have been bombarded with music saying how it is and ever will be just because a kid is from a certain neighborhood.  We see shows about the “rich and famous” and instead of those influencing us to make better our stansion in life, it gives us the idea that it is unobtainable by us.  Our school systems have dumbed us down to the point of telling us that a college education is the only way to get ahead in life while not teaching anything about every day trade skills that we are in great lacking of in this country.  Even the “higher education” courses get you to the point of passing with a passing grade and not allowing you to think of how to do things differently.  i.e.- what can a PhD in literature actually do to get you paid?  I guess you could teach……I don’t know what else to be honest!

People need to stop making excuses as to why they aren’t doing well in life and figure out what doing well in life means to them!  I believe I’m doing pretty well in life.  You may feel the same but you surely know someone, maybe even doing the same job as you, that cannot stand doing it.  It’s ok either way but make sure to let them know there are other ways to go about life.

You hear all the time where older Americans are starting over in life and doing better now than before simply because they have a better outlook on themselves.  They know they are not “stuck” and some even teach others that wonderful story!

I know some of us are “in a rut” and others can’t even get off the grass to find the dirt road, much less the highway, but there is an answer.  AMERICA!  You are already here and have more opportunities than you even imagine!

You are in control of your own experience here in America.  You make things happen or not!  It’s your fault if it goes wrong, and it’s your “attaboy” when they go right.  Now all you have to do is get the damn federal government out of the way and stop them from taking our liberty from us.  More liberty means a greater opportunity to experience the freedoms God has lent to us.

In saying that you are resposible for your own life, you are also resposible for voting for people that you feel would allow you to live that life how you see fit while at the same time defending your liberty in the abscence of tyranny!

Someone show me if I’m wrong! DON’T JUST TELL ME…..SHOW ME!

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Semper Fi

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3 Responses to This Man Understand America!

  1. I just sent you more detailed photos of GAO the bronze bald eagle sculpture that you inquired about. If you have trouble viewing them, I’ll try something else.
    My son is the computer ‘wiz;..I am trying to just get to know the ‘stuff’ available to be able to use the ‘new universe. . : – )
    As to Walter Williams-he is always ‘right on” as far as I am concerned..


  2. Looks beautiful to me. The only picture hard to see is the one from the front but the other two show great details. Thanks for sending them. It looks farely large. What is the wingspan? I love how ist’s mouted on the rock too!

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get flash video into my post from other sites. Do you know how?

  3. The eagle sculpture is 1/2 life size-
    The living Bald Eagle has a 6 foot wing span-
    GAO-the Bald Eagle sculpture – has a 3 foot wing span-1/2 life size…
    I’m repeating myself-
    Got to head for bed! : – )

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