The U.S. Government is NOT your Daddy!

Note: The first part of this and the link is from  discussion on another site I commented on.  If you want the liberal viewpoint on some things here’s the link:   Obama saved the American auto industry.

First of all,  my eyeglasses of reality are quite clear and I stand by everything I said in my comment.

I would hardly say that selling unwanted vehicles at a discount not offered to the general public to the EPA and other government entities should even be added in the sales figures at all.  Saying that I’m against subsidies even goes so far as giving huge tax incentives for the purchase of said vehicles.  Chrysler is already a FOREIGN owned company….about 60% is owned by Fiat.  GM basically did a money shuffle to say they paid you and I back for the bailout and are already asking for more.  Bad business!  Both entities knew they would never be able to pay the ever-increasing pensions of all the workers sitting in the cafeteria or union offices because they weren’t able to be let go when the robots were introduced.  Not their fault I know but again it is how it is.  Business models change with the times….I’m sure we could start a few robot companies here in the United States right?

Speaking of States Rights, while we do still have a few of them left,  it’s kinda nice to see corporations moving to Right to Work states where the Union goons can’t MAKE you pay to work.  Oh yeah, and you can negotiate your own salary if you don’t choose work for a company ruled by a union.  Whoever says my work or yours for that matter isn’t worth more than another just doesn’t think clearly.  I’m sure the fact that the Union dues being based on a percentage of said salary doesn’t have anything to do with why unions “fight” for your “fair wages”.  BAD BUSINESS!

Does the liberal actually think that the banks want the overhead of the foreclosed properties not worth the original loan value sucking them dry by the day?  Oh, that’s right, the banks don’t actually own that property now, and most of the loans are being backed up by our tax dollars under Freddie and Fanny!  This means that the feds own that property don’t it.  So much for private property!  To force banks to fund people who can’t afford even the down payment and then tell same banks not to worry we have a federal program for this is criminal.  It’s not the tax payers fault that some can and some can’t afford to “own” a home so why are we funding Freddie and Fanny and calling it anything less than highway robbery?

As far as bank bailouts go I wonder why GE (the largest exporter of American jobs), GM and a few dozen other corporations jumped on the bailout bandwagon by creating their own finance companies to get some of my tax dollars too.

I don’t do Rush and Fox has lost my viewing time also but can’t be half as bad as the Soros regurgitated Huffington post or The Nation rag!

Clean air and water can be handled at the state level as they are already doing and not by the EPA whose budget has more than doubled quite recently (I wonder why) to create more intrusive regulations on not just business but in your everyday life too.  Course, in the liberals eyes, there is no such thing as an over reaching government.

Businesses are meant to succeed or fail on their own unless the feds want you out of business by creating the regulations that only a few large government indulging, campaign contributing, companies can comply with in the first place.  i.e. Obama Care and the real people who wrote it.  Some companies actually welcome being bought out for the right price.

I’ll have to investigate the whole exportation of oil thing.  But it’s not the U.S. that’s exporting it….someone gets it out of the ground and sells it.  Why is Obama taking our tax dollars and investing in Petro Bra while at the same time not letting us drill our own?  Oh yeah, because Soros was already invested in it and told him to!

All said……no one entity owes you or me anything that we don’t EARN!  Employers do not owe anyone health insurance.  It’s an incentive to attract qualified workers.  You aren’t entitled to a job just for showing up.  You are in a business relationship with the company you decided on your own to work for.  If you don’t like the way they do business or the way you are treated…..move on.

For some reason liberals think that all you need to fix things is more government or in other words more of your property (tax dollars) to counteract bad practices.  Whether that is with the Auto industry or in their own lives, it’s always someone else that should pay for the mistakes made along the way.

It’s true that Obama didn’t cause all of this on his own.  Bush has plenty of his own BS that we are still dealing with but these issues have been culminating for over a century.

How has being a liberal became less about fighting for  true liberty to experience what our freedoms offer and more about having the federal government  Daddy us to the point of never knowing what those freedoms even are?

Your freedom to be you is the same freedom I use to be free from you!- Andrew Wilkow

That’s all I have to say about that.- Forrest Gump

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3 Responses to The U.S. Government is NOT your Daddy!

  1. Rush and FOX have – for the most part-‘lost ‘ me as well!
    and there is not much difference between the Rs and the Ds anymore either…

  2. I haven’t had a TV at my house for almost 3 year . . . and I am better for it! Sometimes my dad and I will listen to Rush on the way to or back from lunch. The more I listen to him the more I think he is part of the problem. He is right about a lot of things, I’ll give him credit for that. But I told me dad the other day that if he doesn’t start distancing himself from the establishment, and establishment talking points, then he is going to be totally irrelevant in 5-10 years.

    And you are right, the liberals and the establishment Republicans neither have the answer!

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