Ignorance Is Bliss

I have been on a short vacation from the blogs and the world of full on 24 hour news cycle on purpose.  Well mostly!

I must admit that, at first, it was exceptionally hard not to check out the usual channels, websites and blogs.  It was almost as bad as dealing without food.  I LIKE MY FOOD!

After dealing with the withdrawals it went pretty smooth and I actually got a little happier about life in general.  I got quite a bit done in the world of “honey does” and remembered how good it felt.  It was nice to feel some sense of accomplishment with something other than politics, news and all the BS that comes with trying to make a difference in a few lives around the world.  No gut wrenching arguments, not too much blood shooting from my eyes and I don’t think my heart rate got above 80bpm for more than a few seconds.  The “normalcy bias” really did kick in and it was bliss!

Then, over the last few days, I’ve spoken/listened to a few people and, for some reason, they have quite a lot to say.  One man, while talking about this Presidents administration and politics in general, made the statement that it’s always been like this and that nothing will ever change.  He made the statement that not only will nothing change but that there is nothing, as a voter, that we can do about it.  Another man, that same day, stated that he just wanted to be left alone to make life happen as he sees fit.  Just today, yet another man, said that he is greatly worried about the well-being of his grandchildrens’ future and that the politicians could care less about anything but lining their own pockets.  Now, for weeks, I have avoided talking about politics or religion intentionally with anyone other than my wife and for some reason over the last few days other people have brought me into the conversations and of course I have never been ashamed to give my opinion.  Why?

Why is everyone so frustrated?  Who am I, or anyone for that matter, to care what others feel about any subject or that I can even imagine that they care about my opinion.  How dare I attempt to make that person attempt to think differently or sway them one way or the other?  We have to ask ourselves why a lot and ask more so whether it makes a difference.

Today I caught up on some emails and took in some news from various sources to figure out that I’ve missed quite a bit and most of it, to be honest, is very disturbing.  So I won’t go into the details of what I think about it all for now.  What I will say however is that, no matter what your stance on life is, it matters.  Sometimes just to you and yours but more often to all of the frustrated, disenfranchised, tax paying, red-blooded Americans in your everyday life.  People don’t have to think like you but you have to give them something different to think about.

Most of all people need to know that they matter too.  They need to know that someone has their true interests at heart because they know that the politicians, in their mind, do not!  You have been told that politics and religion are off-limits to speak about in certain crowds if not altogether. WHY?

I guess it’s kinda like not counting food and fuel into the inflation rate or not including people who no longer receive jobless benefits from the State in the unemployment rate.  If these things/people are no longer in the numbers……they don’t matter anymore right?

Saying “Spread the Word” at the end of my posts isn’t just a cliché.  People need to hear it and you have an opportunity to let them.

Spread the Word………..DAMNIT!

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8 Responses to Ignorance Is Bliss

  1. Leticia says:

    Welcome back! Kept the fire burning.

    I post political going-on’s because I want people to be informed, let’s face it, many people want to keep their heads buried in the sand and shirk politics.

    I worry for the future of my children and I just won’t stop even when I am exhausted from it all. They are worth it, which is why I also joined the Tea Party movement and Americans for Prosperity.

    So, many conservative blogs have shut down because it was just too hard, so I fight even harder against the liberal agenda.

    • Believe me that I have no intent on quitting. The posts intent was to say that I can see how easy it is for most Americans to just turn on the tube and insert their heads into anything but politics.
      The conversations I have had with these people let me know just how frustrated people are in general about the way this country is going and the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. I know I’ve made a difference in peoples lives in a positive way and plan to keep on movin on.
      Your right with the fact that our kids are VERY worth it.
      Thanks for the pep talk but I’m not going anywhere! 🙂

  2. bunkerville says:

    When I get a bit weary, I think of our founders, those who have fought so hard so that we can have all that we have. Much of what we feel is a deep anxiety about what is to become of us. The Alinsky tactic is to wear us out. One year to go. Let rock it out.

  3. I’ve thought about leaving the blog world -very briefly!
    If we all do a little the ” LOT” will come and our freedom founded Republic will return–
    As Bunkerville stated-our Founders and their families risked everything for Freedom – we can do no less—
    Glad you enjoyed your break though : – )

  4. BTW-will get photos to you of the EAGLE GAO –
    Things got VERY busy here at Christmas-had an house guest here for a month—and we did real Christmas ‘stuff ‘ It was fun-haven’t done it in a long time- always celebrated =but lost the child like enthusiasm-

  5. Thanks for all the great words of incouragement from you all. Really, I’m not quitting! Never was, just felt for a short while , how easy it would be to put my perverbal head in the sand like so many other in the world.
    With a big ole 67 as my largest amount of views in one day and not a whole bunch of time to write….I admit it would be all too easy.
    But, with “things” being as they are it doesn’t make sense not to at least reach what few I can.

    Thanks again

  6. Don’t even know how to get a count of my views-I do it for the few-
    and for myself=my own family doesn’t even come to my site—

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