Watch in Awe!

Found this on Carol’s Blog!


Whether you like Ron Paul or not you have to pay attention to the impressive number of pennies this guy came up with.  Watch it twice.   GET MAD 100 TIMES!

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4 Responses to Watch in Awe!

  1. Angel says:

    he denies us our national security and is anti Israel..oiy!

    • If I knew how to edit video I would have. I was impressed by the project the guy put together with the pennies.
      I have a feeling that Ron Paul would have to come to his senses as far as Israel goes though. He seems to know his history about everything else…..I wonder why he hasn’t figured out that if you leave Israel…you don’t exist for very long.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. thank you for the h/t -my Patriot friend–
    I posted the video because it so clearly shows how our govt is out of order-and how MUCH of our money the ‘royals’ spend —

    As to Paul- he -like most of them- looses me on some issues-


  3. Leticia says:

    Angel nailed it. I agree.

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