‘Oh come, oh come Emmanuel’….PawPaw Dancing

h/t Bunkerville

Be thyself our King of Peace!  Sometimes it really takes it all spelled out for you to get it.

Being in music most of my life, thanks to my family, there have been many pieces that move my heart.  I’ll have to add this version to the list!

I’ve been into classical, country and everything around and in between.  Lately I’ve been listening to more and more blue grass and until this video I never really knew why.  Maybe the whole reflection thing I don’t know.

I remember going to the only blue grass festival I believe I’ve ever gone too.  It was me, MawMaw and PawPaw.  He died when I was 7 ish so it must have been special for me to remember it at all.

We were outside, as most of them are and of course I remember there being a plethora of guitars and instruments I had never seen before at such a young age.  I remember being amazed with all I was hearing.  I had hit the big time!  People were all not just watching whoever was on stage but some were even pickin’ along, all be it quietly, in the audience.

BUT the biggest thing I remember was the actual transformation of my PawPaw.  He often smiled but this was different.  He was grinning from ear to ear and was just as enamored with the goings on as I was.  It was as if he was back in his own childhood and was more happy being there than anyone else it seemed.  Then came something I had NEVER seen before and have yet to see since.  My PAWPAW, that’s grand father for all you Yankees, found a small piece of worn out plywood, asked a few people to move over, put the wood on the ground and began to do a jig.

Yes my PawPaw was dancing and did not give a damn who was watching nor if he was “doing it right”!  I had never seen such a spectacle and it made me happy.  NO, there was not a drop of alcohol involved, just pure joy in the moment and the music.  Then I noticed a few of the other older men get up and follow suite.  They were all on their own non-choreographed plane of existence but still jiggin in time with the music.  I WAS AMAZED!  It went on for hours it seemed and he only sat a few times for a breather.  I pray I never forget that moment!

Sometimes you never know what influence you will have on someone with something so small as a post or video.   You never know!  Your little copy and paste or even a few words may just knock some sense into someone or make them remember something as awesome as PawPaw dancing.  Now I’m sure he’s dancing with Jesus…..and MawMaw of course!

We get so caught up in politics and our fight for the freedom of our children that we sometimes forget the reasons we are the way we are in the first place.  If it were not for men and women like PawPaw, Aunts, Uncles and of course MAMA’s and DADDY’s  who instilled in us what we hold dear there would be no US, no freedoms in our minds and certainly no Christ in our hearts.

NEVER forget the whole reason for this season…..the  birth of our savior Jesus!

If you have some stories you would like to share……I’m sure everyone would love to hear them.  Whether you post them on your own site or here we need to get the word out on the outstanding people in our lives.

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3 Responses to ‘Oh come, oh come Emmanuel’….PawPaw Dancing

  1. bunkerville says:

    Thanks for the H/T and your beautiful comments. True enough, music moves the soul. Many happy memories for me were the family gatherings of our family “band”. We each played an instrument and it would go on for hours. There were 8 of us. Some better than others, still it was the pure enjoyment that counted.

  2. voodookobra1 says:

    Sorry, but I just can’t get to excited over Ron Paul, if he ran he’d only give us another 4 years of Obama

    • I’m not standing with Ron Paul….I feel you are right about the 4 more years of Obama. On that same note: I don’t see anyone, at the moment, worth standing behind on the GOP. It’s a shame really, knowing how important this election is.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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