Palestine: The Ugly Unvarnished Truth

Found this on Daily Gator

I don’t know who this guy is yet but I’m glad I found this video.  Not many have the gumption to say these things much less put a face to it.

Had to take a short break……I’ll be back when time permits.

Thanks for stopping by and Spread the Word.

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3 Responses to Palestine: The Ugly Unvarnished Truth

  1. Leticia says:

    His name is Pat Condell. He’s pretty awesome. Never pulls any punches. I like him. Look him up on Youtube, you will lots of his commentaries.

  2. Let me know when you are back-
    and-could you send me another e-message-and label it “Bronze Eagle” – and I’ll get photos of the Bald Eagle sculpture to you—

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