“The Line to See Jesus” and Family

h/t Carol’s Blog

I remember a simpler life “back in the day” where family mattered.  No hustle, no bustle and there was a definite sense of belonging.  You belonged close, not obligated, but you had a true sense of togetherness.  FAMILY

What happened to get-togethers that didn’t require an event such as weddings, funerals or family reunions?  Have we all lost our minds?  Has social media like FB and TWITTER really taken the place of a hug from maw maw, aunts, uncles and even the occasional cousin? Are you really more interested in everyone elses lives and pictures so much that you don’t feel compelled to take out your own camera or recorder?  Where did the need to be drawn close to each other go?  Has the TV taken the place of conversation and does the internet truly take the place of an uncle teaching you how to shoot or work on the car?

I think that the family, as we knew it in the past, has been taken over.  Kids are being told that the school knows more about what is real than their parents do.  Video games have taken the place of any outdoor activities and offer much more instant gratification than working with your daddy on building shelves for momma.  Learning trades from family members is a thing of the past because we have been taught that all you need to know will be absorbed at some college or university.  It breaks my heart to know that kids are hurting for affection and have way too many avenues other than mommy and daddy to get it from.

I remember talking about more than just football, movies and work.  You could actually discuss things like RELIGION, SPIRITUALITY and God forbid…….Politics without bloodshed or even so much as a raised voice.  We didn’t have to be right…..just there.

Praying a lot, especially when certain family members were around, was normal.  It was more than normal it was……PRECIOUS!

The name Jesus was not spoken softly with a slight look around the room to see who might overhear and object.  You didn’t care who heard you worship but didn’t worship just for show at the same time.  Children knew Jesus’ name and it was ok.  We were taught the true meaning of the season from Thanksgiving through Easter and it ALL centered around Christ!

Stop allowing everything and everybody to get in the way of your relationship with Christ and each other.  Hold your spouse and children near you and tell them you love them as often as possible.  I hope my kids always call me “DADDY” not just “hey” or “father” and never have a problem with telling others how close we are as a family.

Most of all, I pray they know which line they’ll be standing in when it comes time to meet Jesus!

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7 Responses to “The Line to See Jesus” and Family

  1. WOW-thank you for your excellent and heart warming take —indeed- we must get our families back —
    I’ve been saying Merry Christmas – everywhere- and- it has brought smiles – even to the salvation Army bell ringer out side my grocery store —
    and at my Starbucks-they know me well- I wished a Merry Christmas – the barista said – ‘it;s happy holidays- Carol”’
    my comment – ” I don’t do PC -so — MERRY CHRISTMAS!” (my voice carries)–so smiles from almost everyone in the store—and thank you – too for the h/t-

  2. Your welcome! If you have not noticed, I don’t do PC either! Most of the people down here still say Merry Christmas thankfully. I have noticed though that some of the stores are moving away from it in their signage and even directing the workers not to say Merry Christmas. What a shame…..Thanks again for stopping by.
    Seems like me, you and a very few others actually read this thing! Maybe I’m being a little too PC! LOL

  3. BUnkerville says:

    We lived in the best of times. Past tense.

  4. Leticia says:

    Those were the days. I don’t think the kids of today would survive a time-warp back to the past, Imagine having to use your own imagination! Or to play outside all day long?

    I love FB for one thing, my entire family lives out of state and it is a way for us to keep in close contact, and sharing pictures. I love to be near them again, but that’s just not going to happen.

    Thank for this beautiful post.

  5. Kids are probably not going to have a choice but to adapt here pretty soon. Hopefully they will have parents with enough knowledge and fortitude to get them through.
    Facebook is a good tool for what you are using it for. Most people just cruise other peoples crap looking for reasons to keep up with the Jones’.
    Thanks for the compliment! Hope you are having a great weekend.

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