Hate Fest in Dearborn…….YUP That’s in the USA

What I would like to know is who paid for these so called peace officers. SHAMEFUL for this crap to happen in the US.

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4 Responses to Hate Fest in Dearborn…….YUP That’s in the USA

  1. Dearborn MI-the first place to allow loud speakered mosque led – muslim ‘prayers’—
    MI is an hot bed of muslim actiivty…

    • I did not know that. It doesn’t suprise me though! The most protected peoples in the world as of 9/12/01.
      Gotta love everybody don’t ya know! Course they don’t have to but anyways…..

  2. Leticia says:

    Carol is correct and Massachusetts is following in a strong 2nd. It galls me to see those little kids mouthing off garbage to adults. And of course, that Muslim policeman would be on the side of his people.

    Very disturbing, they have ZERO tolerance for Christians, Jews, or any religion that does not follow Sharia Law or Islam.

  3. I have found so many stories about this happening all over the world. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to re-blog posts without just copy/paste the URL. I would like to keep all the content and h/t’s as the author had intended. There would be a lot more content if I could figure it out.
    There is no repect for anything or anyone in Islam.
    Wishing Sharia Law not to happen in the U.S. will not keep it out of our courts. They have the money to pay for both the lawyers and judges. Hell we give it to them with the fact that we buy their oil like candy. If we continue to elect morons into office that sympathize with Islam……we will get what we deserve.

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