Tribute to Yassar Arafat—–Such a Peaceful People

Why do Americans support these people? Do you still think Palestine wants real peace?

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15 Responses to Tribute to Yassar Arafat—–Such a Peaceful People

  1. morris says:

    Palestinian Journalist – Israel & Saudi Hidden Hands
    Sammi Ibrahem a Palestinian journalist when asked about controlled opposition – Explains The Middle east, The Saudis, Palestinians acting as agents and more.

  2. our Ed system has been ‘dumbed down’- on purpose!—and thus —US citizens cannot think -logically -on their own!


    • Dumbed down to say the least on purpose! We have 3 and it’s pathetic how little they are being taught in public school. Have to reprogram them daily almost. The 3 R’s are not being taught well and instead all the social crap is. Even my own sons are calling me racist for even mentioning the truth about the Palestinians. Course, that’s a story for another post so.
      Thanks for stopping by! Spread the Word!

  3. LInked at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

    I added this personal take to my post:

    Recently, I got a phone call from a distraught friend. Her daughter, well grounded in the truth about Islam and the Pseudostinians, is now attending a major university and whining about how the “poor Palestinians are oppressed because their land was stolen from them.”

    Frankly, I was shocked that this student, someone I’ve taught and someone I’ve known for nearly a decade, has so easily been brainwashed in less than three months! I’d never have dreamed that she could so easily succumb to the lies in a course in political science. Furthermore, the university she attends is not considered a bastion of Leftism.

    • We were not taught as young people to question our teachers. We pretty much went along with anything they said to make sure we got passed to the next grade. I have awakened recently (unfortunately a little late) to this point and I am constantly reprogramming my youngins to the world of truth.
      All you can do is lead……you can’t make them think one way or another. She, like most in the world, is only being told what the powers that be want her to know. It is sad, but the truth can NOT be refuted and eventually, with the foundation of your teachings, she may come back around.
      Thanks for the story.

  4. Leticia says:

    There was a time when you could trust teachers but now that the liberals and the ACLU have pretty much changed text books and our true history, we must make sure to look at all the curriculum our kids bring home.

    I just found out last night that my boys were forced to watch Harry Potter in their classrooms, without my permission. I am mad as hell over that crap. My youngest said he did tell his teacher that his mother told him he was not allowed to watch it, and she ignored him and said he had no choice but to watch the movie. You had better believe this school is going to hear from me Monday morning!! This is crap!!

    • I don’t blame you with the Harry Potter thing. The excuse they use here in our schools is that there is not enough books for the students to bring home. Sometimes, even when the homework requires one, there is no book to bring home. Shame…..I would like to know where all the tax money is going.
      Thanks for stopping back by!

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  6. Sam Kriss says:

    arafat was a national hero and a freedom fighter. of course he wasn’t perfect but he fought tirelessly for palestinian liberation, what’s your beef bro

    • Muslim Brotherhood, PLO, Arab-Israeli Wars, Fatah, Arab League, Black September, stole countless millions from his own people ====Simply Put====TERRORIST

      • Sam Kriss says:

        ‘terrorist’ is a loaded term. by any reasonable definition every israeli leader since ben-gurion has also been a terrorist. not to mention the ones before him. also i dont think arafat ever joined with the muslim brotherhood, he was a secularist

  7. Terrorist is not a loaded term in the least. Did you even watch the video? Arafat joined the muslim brotherhood while in college just before he founded Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

    You believe what you want. As for me and mine…….we will stand with Israel!

    • Sam Kriss says:

      yeah you’re right about the brotherhood, i wasn’t aware of the that. the fact remains that israel is a violent colonial apartheid state, and as i jew i find the slavish concern rightist christians such as yourself have for it strange and unsettling. when israel uses violence to forcefully subdue the colonised population of palestine, violence is an appropriate reaction. the peace process is a flimsy sham, as evidenced by israel’s absurd punitive measures to palestinian attempts at recognition at the un. only national struggle can bring self-determination.

      • Rightist Christian….I’m ok with that. Israel defending itself against any threat…..I’m ok with that too. The Philistines couldn’t take Egypt in ancient times and wont be able to take Israel as a whole now! Does NOT matter what the UN does. If you wanna talk about shams…..look at the UN. Keep speaking against Christians and Jews please….it only backs up what we’ve been saying for centuries and builds our fortitude against those who do. It’s amazing that you have nothing nice to say ever. I’ve never came to your site and tried to bash you personally for your beliefs. I must be doing something right after all!

  8. Sam Kriss says:

    yeah the un is an absolute sham, but when israel is withholding the palestinian authority’s own tax revenue from it because palestine got recognition at unesco it’s basically throwing a big weepy spoiled-brat tantrum. might does not make right. i’m not speaking against jews and christians, i am jewish and i have a lot of respect for christianity. neither am i trying to bash you personally for your beliefs, i’m just taking issu with the positions you promote. please feel free to do the same over at my dumb-ass blog, i could do with the traffic

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