Why Leftists, Communists, & Anti-Semites Support Occupy Wall St

VERY TELLING!  Course you still have plenty of useful idiots that support OWS

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3 Responses to Why Leftists, Communists, & Anti-Semites Support Occupy Wall St

  1. responded to your email–better late than never-right : – )

  2. dmarks says:

    Communism/socialism is at heart antisemitic. Karl Marx himself made rants about Jews that you’d think Hitler would have made if you didn’t know better. In fact. Marx was a major inspiration to Hitler.

    • Absolute power corrupts absolutely to say the least. We see it every day in governments all over the world, especially our own. I have always been tought that you should never talk bad about someone else just to make yourself look good. Unfortunately we Christians and the Jews have made ourselves easy targets by our forgiving nature. It’s a real shame but that’s the case. The key is never forget and teach others to make sure the EVERYONE knows the consequences of not knowing what it means to raise a closed fist into the air.
      Thanks for stopping by. Been out a few days…sorry it took so long to get you on the list.

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