Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

EAGLE PROTECTING GRAVESI’ll start off by saying that I am nothing of a historian nor educated to any extent that would qualify me as an expert on any one subject.  This is just me, as an American, in my own words to the best of my ability.  There will be no copy and paste and not so much as a give a damn as to what anyone else from any other country feels about what I have to say.

Life-  Is tangible in the bodily sense but your rights to it are only philosophical. Given to you by God and only allowed taken away by the same, Life in that sense is ideological and not tangible.  Of course, I guess, you have to believe there is a God to believe in any such thing as a right.  The government does not give you any rights but should be there to help you protect them.  I believe Life starts at conception and should be protected.  We as Americans, for some reason, have dropped this little nugget from the realities of our society to justify the slaughter of countless unborn. Now that you get my point on that we’ll move on to more about “Life”.  We have the right to protect our own life as well as the lives of others.  I personally feel that Life is more than a “right” to be protected and to protect and more so a privilege to do so.  There is no greater service to yourself and to your God than to protect others.  Many have made the ultimate sacrifice doing just that.  Life is precious and should not be in question when it comes to whether or not it’s one of our rights.  We’ll see how this goes when we have the knock at the door just for speaking our mind.  Ask a few Russians how they feel about the right to Life.  They’ll be happy to tell you the horrific stories of their persecutions and genocide.  Yup all just for speaking their minds.

Liberty-  Is only a concept which allows us to exercise our freedoms without the big hand of government dictating how we go about doing it or not letting us have them at all.  Liberty can not exist in a socialist or communist society ( just in case you were wondering).  We take advantage of certain freedoms here in America that make us the envy of all the world. Freedom of religion not to be confused with worship.  The right to KEEP and BEAR arms and that doesn’t mean the ones with tattoos on them.  Right to a trial by a jury of your own peers.  Not just a van that drives up and shoves a needle in your arms like in China.  The right to privacy and to own private property that you have earned.  Stuff  we seem to take for granted.  The generation that looses liberty will never see it again in their lifetime.  Why would people try to take that away or allow the government to take them either?

Pursuit of Happiness- Well it’s just that…..a pursuit…NOT….a guarantee. Nothing tangible about a pursuit huh?  No one “owes” you anything.  A job is NOT a right!  If you are qualified and they are hiring, they still might not give you the opportunity to work for them.  You are NOT entitled to it just for showing up to the interview.  You go to school and maybe college and if you take out loans to get through it YOU owe that money back to your lenders.  It’s not up to me to pay for your pursuit.  Land is not just there for your taking, it’s earned.  Your car, cell phone, home, job and yes, even your health insurance are things that you have the right to EARN.  Now the word happiness could actually mean that you would be happy in a communist country.  If that’s your case, please let me be the first to invite you to pursue your happiness in a country that is already to your liking.  I would suggest China, N. Korea, N. Vietnam, France, England, Greece, Spain or just about any other country than America.

While it may be true that not many who make it big did it on their own, the people who helped them get there were more than likely paid for their services along the way.  I’m not rich by any means but what I do own is MINE.  NO collective has purchased anything for me from some State fund.  While I am forced to give my property up before I even see it in the form of currency, there are many that take those monies from me simply because they believe I owe them on some level.  They believe that they have the right to my earnings simply because they are alive or have some tangible need.  I pray for the day that I would actually see everything I have earned and I don’t mean by looking at the nearest front porch at all the non liability voters who reap my well-earned gains.  Why should any man in this country or any other for that matter be a slave to another?  In the purest sense of the word that’s exactly what I am…..A SLAVE!  I thought that was illegal in America!

If I come across brazen, good, because for now I still have that right!  If you don’t like it or you get “all up in your feelins” let me put it softly…….there is nothing in the Constitution of these United States that says you have the right not to be offended.  If you live somewhere else refer back to the previous sentence.

The ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are not just some trivial games used to pull the wool over the people’s eyes.  They are not just words to be thrown about when it’s convenient for you to utter them to make a point in your favor.  The rights fought for and heavily bled for that we in America so hold dear are on the fringe of being swept out from under us.  World governance through the illusion of world peace or the false religion of the Green Movement or anyone else that wants to get on the bandwagon is just that, an illusion.  What we have here in America is MUCH more and it’s worth protecting.

Socialism of any form is not for the socialists.  The people inevitably suffer great transgressions and even sometimes end up wiped from the face of the earth while the very people they were trying to get into positions of power are always tyrants who have trampled the once useful idiots.  Look at history.  It can not be questioned.    The question is whether or not the people with OWS or even people who consider themselves revolutionaries truly understand this.  They have been so coddled here in the United States that they have grabbed onto the Marxists fallacy that everything will be equal.  Unfortunately for them that’s never the case and the only way they turn from that idea is when the bloodshed starts.

Usually theirs!

The freedom that you use to be you is the same I use to be free from you!

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