Only in America!

I would like to invite these morons that are part of or in support of OWS to take their anarchy to Iran, China, North Korea, Venezuela, or any other communist country and try it out there.

A Job is NOT a right!  In fact there is nothing “tangible” that is a “right”.  Correct me if I’m wrong!

I personally agree with Andrew Wilkow when he says that things in the country are still not polarized enough.  It’s not really going to hit home what is going on till it spreads across the nation to the point of the conservatives and true patriots getting off the sofa and doing something about it.

Is this really what freedom looks like…….. In a sick sense……….YES!  There are countless millions of service men and woman who have fought to save the rights God has lent us as Americans.  You DO have freedom of speech and assembly and yes you can even burn a flag or two.  I would like however to point out that these freedoms can be abused.  If you are the one mocking those freedoms then you have to know that there are consequences.  Grave ones at that.  Where are you going to go?  This is “the shining hill” as Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it.  There is NO WHERE else!

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6 Responses to Only in America!

  1. Sam Kriss says:

    so if nothing tangible is a right, what is a right exactly?

  2. The Constitution and the concepts that helped form this nation should never be considered half-formed. This nation in fact has liberated England and several other countries from the grasps of dictatorship based on these “platitudes” and we didn’t exactly see them turning down our help!
    Rights cannot be given to you by any government but can be infringed upon by said government. If a governing body gives you anything it has the right to take that away without so much as a by your leave sir.
    Be careful what you wish for!
    Maybe one day you’ll know what true Liberty means!

    • Sam Kriss says:

      The United States has not once ‘liberated’ Britain from dictatorship, that’s France you’re thinking of maybe? Although I don’t really see what connection American military prowess has to do with any idea of ‘rights’, especially considering that the financial-industrial capital that allowed for this power was based on the profits of slavery, dispossession, and the appropriation of surplus labour. I also don’t think that your statement ‘rights cannot be given to you by any government’ makes any sense. The ‘rights’ of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were given to you by the American government. How else would you explain the absence of these ‘rights’ in, say, Saudi Arabia? And if those three rights are so central to the American way of life, how come you maintain the death penalty, have the highest incarceration rate as well as the ;largest population of prisoners on the planet, and have a workforce dosed up to the eyeballs on antidepressants? The fact of the matter is that ‘rights’ don’t really exist, they’re a structural framework adopted by some governments as part of the social contract.

      • Ok, maybe the English were not under a dictatorship yet, but they were well on their way. Either way American military prowess has saved quite a few countries from their demise.

        I’m not saying that we as Americans have not made mistakes and I’m sure will again. We brought our slave ownership from across the pond and even though we seem to bear the brunt of all the bad things that happened, only 6% of the entire slave trade actually came here. Even the poor black souls that fought on the side of the British, for the most part, weren’t honored with freedom, as promised by the King, back in England but mostly forced back into more slavery down in the tropics that were mainly owned by England and France at the time.

        We have a military to protect the rights, lent to us by God, from the likes of the King, Queen or whatever monarchial dictatorship that tries to take those rights from us.

        We do have a large population of prisoners, which unfortunately is in direct proportion to our wealth. If America is so bad, why does everyone want to be here? Anti-depressants….I don’t think so. Wealth, among the masses, can only be attained where there is true freedom. In saying that, freedom can only be acknowledged through the protection of law. A lawless society goes in the direction of Rome and any other societies that are not protected from each other or from their own government by law. That is the reason for our death penalty and high prison populations. Another big reason was the institution of the socialist welfare state we have unfortunately become. Some have been raised to feel that they are entitled to whatever “want” magically gets turned into a “need”. It truly is sad!

        Any one of us, before all the regulations put in place by socialists, could rise from little of nothing to become very wealthy or pretty much anything we wanted even if financial gains was not the happiness we went after. If that were not the case, I dare say we would not be able to access the right to free speech which drove most of the innovations we use today to have this discussion. Let’s not allow someone to take this right from us, ok. I dread even the thought of it.

        If rights didn’t exist there would be no reason for people from all over the world to try and take them from us or keep them from you! It’s not our fault others don’t experience the same liberty we do. Saudi Arabia doesn’t experience freedom because they are ruled by a religion and more royalty than I care to explain. Again….tyranny! Our founders came here to get away from such tyranny and I pray we have the ability to stay free from it! As for where rights come from…..we, for the most part, believe that they come from God and can only be infringed upon by government but never completely be taken from us since it’s not the government that gave it in the first place. So in a sense you are right, they are a social contract with someone……..GOD!

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