You’ve heard it all your life to watch both hands and now is definitely a time we should be watching both hands and feet as well.

There is so much going on at one time here in the United States that we might just have forgotten the facts on the goings on around the world.   Have you heard that Europe is about to implode?  What about our troops in the Sudan?  How about we talk about the fact that Christians are being slain around the world?  Course nothing on this list ranks up there with Cain and his woman troubles.

Sometimes I sit back watching the tube not being able to do much but shake my head.

Is there a George Washington out there to save us all?  Can you think of a way that any one man could really turn this country around?  While the candidates race for the finish line and conjure up he says she says for us to watch Alqaida (sp?) is now flying their flags over Libia.  ONE PARTY…..ONE MAN….I don’t think so.

I believe that this all start closer to home.  What are you teaching your kids about the real history of the United States?  Are you reprogramming them daily from the socialist agenda they are being taught in public schools?  I hear my 16 year old asked me earlier what “free enterprise” was.  He said they are not teaching that class anymore and they have to take a whole year of civics.  It’s clear that I have not done enough to explain how this country’s economy runs to my children’s understanding!

They hear the words conservative, non liability voter and even capitalism but sometimes don’t have a grasp of what these terms really mean much less free enterprise.  HOW is this possible?

So much is going on that sometimes we forget to watch the other hand…..but most of all we forget to watch the little ones right under our feet.

We have to do better than this.  Our futures depend on it……Hell the country’s future depends on it.

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4 Responses to RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND!

  1. Good post. These are the worst of times. Hopefully the best of times will come in 2012.

    • I have a great grandmother and grandfather in law that would disagree with you on the worst of times bit but I fear we are repeating all the same mistakes sooooooo…..Here we’ll go again…….
      It’ll take decades to undo what this communist in chief and his administration has done to us.

  2. decided to Homeschool while my son was yet to be born- I knew-from teaching 10 years – that the 3 Rs were no longer being stressed – thus- logical thinking was no longer possible–
    during my first HS convention – 1994- I met Marshal Foster-learned of the true HIStory of this Republic’s founding- did an about face from semi-liberal to Constitutional Conservative and never turned back…
    I recommend that parents watch carefully- the education of their off-spring…

    • Glad you had the option of home schooling. I bet it worked out a lot better!
      Logical thinking is nearly gone all together. Why should one have to think when all the answers are given to them on the boob tube or Wikki this or that. Instant gratification is what kids want now. They get it from all their video games so why not. Children don’t realize that there are not endless do overs.
      I’ll have to look up this Marshal Foster. Does he have anything published?
      Thanks for stopping by

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